Newsola, a FREE web based news aggregator that visualizes world news using a treemap algorithm …

Newola is one of my favorite news aggregators in that it pulls its’ news sources directly from Google News. The unique features of Newsola are in its’ visual presentation where the news is pulled down into a treemap algorithm in colors that differentiates between the news categories. If you take your mouse wheel in any of the colored news categories and roll the wheel, Newsola will toggle to that category in a full windowed mode. At the top of Newsola you will find category tabs and a “check box” where you can tell Newsola to auto-refresh. It is also available in numerous languages. I typically will leave Newsola up as a web app or pin in my browser with “auto-refresh” checked off so that I always get the current news. Newsola is a great application and has been one of my favorites for years…

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Source: Newsola – The only homepage you will ever need…

Many folks do not know about “Kadaza”. Kadaza is a tiled internet guide that is categorized to give you a vast selection of “already made” bookmarks to the internet’s most popular web sites. You will find tiled categories covering hundreds of topics from news to shopping and many, many more. The interface also has a settings option where you can customize the interface a bit. I have been a Kadaza user since its’ origin in 2008. You can’t beat it for its’ great “organized selection”. Kadaza is also a great selection for on your smartphone. All totally FREE (and no advertisements).


Bundled Notes – The New Kid On The Block

Bundled Notes takes the simplicity of basic note-taking apps like Google Keep, and merges it with the feature richness of other powerful third-party apps. It has a unique tagging and organisation system, a beautiful markdown editor, dark mode, sort and layout options, kanban boards, and much, much more.

Source: Bundled Notes

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If you do not know what Bublup is; then, you need to check it out. Bublup is now my go to packrat storage area for my browser bookmarks, notes, images, files or links I find on the web; a great tool for when doing research; and, it looks great and performs flawlessly from all my computing platforms (Windows, Android, Chrome OS). One cool feature of Bublup is the browser extension that makes it easy to capture images, links, text, etc… from your browser bar or from their floating “nanobar”. Bublup is one of those apps that excites me as a software and app reviewer here at “Tech News for You”.

If you sign up for a FREE account, you will bet 3 GB of storage space which for someone like me, is ample space; BUT, as an added bonus for every person you refer to Bublup, you get an additional 1 GB of storage (up to 12 GB). Once you sign up for Bublup you can find your referral link under the “My Info > Rewards and Referrals”.

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