Today’s Software Downloads

Microsoft Desktops 2.01

It doesn’t matter how large a monitor you use, how high you set your screen resolution – the Windows desktop is never big enough. And so you’re always resizing windows, minimizing, maximizing, trying to pick out the app you need in a cluttered taskbar.

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Featuring daily software downloads from reputable and safe software review sites. A great majority of these software applications are windows based and many are FREE …

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A Chromebook user’s thoughts on virtual desktops…

Here’s how you can get the most out of your Chromebook’s virtual desks

The Chromebook’s Virtual Desks feature is pretty exciting and we’ve certainly had no shortage of things to say about them here. Having the ability to compartmentalize your apps and web apps into different workspaces so that you’re not constantly bombarded with tons of open windows is ideal because it keeps us from attempting to visually process too much information at once. 

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