ICYDK stands for “in case you didn’t know.” It’s used when you’re about to catch someone up on information they likely haven’t heard yet, or to bring up a new topic in a conversation. It can also be used to divulge personal information about yourself to a friend or loved one…

ICYDK “How-Geek will explain the meaning behind “ICYDK” and how you can apply it in your email and text messages…

How-to Geek
Someone typing a text on a smartphone.

Source: How-To Geek – What Does “ICYDK” Mean, and How Do You Use It?

Did you know that “Many teens are using a secret text language that parents know nothing about…”

If you have teens I encourage you to follow the source link below to learn more about the “current” coding used by our kids when texting, video chatting and using social media. What does it all mean? You may be shocked! I listed some samples below…



WTTP: Want to trade photos
MOS: Mom over the shoulder
GNOC: Get naked on camera.

Source: Many teens are using a secret text language that parents know nothing about

Text From Your Computer (or Android Tablet) Using Your Current Android Phone Number

Here’s how this works… Install Yappy on your Android phone; then, install Yappy on computer (and/or tablet). Another option, if you use Google Chrome or Firefox, is to install their browser extensions for Yappy. The key here is to make sure you have the app installed on your phone to make sure your texts sync between your phone and computer (and vice versa). If you are confused with my instructions, then visit the Yappy web site to learn more. I have been using Yappy and it has worked quite well for me.


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