Unattach is a free desktop app to free up Gmail storage by deleting Gmail attachment


by I Love Free Software

This is an open source desktop software that you can run and it even lets you schedule the attachment deletion process. The best part is that, it runs on all the major platforms and you can use any number of Google accounts to delete unnecessary attachments. Or, you can use it to back up those attachments too as it has a download only option there as well besides deleting those attachments. >>> READ MORE

Free Up Gmail Storage by Deleting Gmail attachments via Unattach

Standard Notes uses stronger encryption technology than industry-leading password managers

Standard Notes is a free, open-source, and completely encrypted notes app that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android and the Web. The focus of Standard Notes is simplicity and security. What has me sold on Standard Notes is the “end-to-end encryption” that features stronger encryption than the industry-leading password managers. No one, but you can read your notes. I would not be afraid to store passwords or any other confidential or personal information in Standard Notes.

Standard Notes uses stronger encryption technology than industry-leading password managers. In most cases, leading password managers use PBKDF2 for key derivation and AES-256 for encryption. Standard Notes uses post-PBKDF2 Argon2 for key derivation and post-AES XChaCha20-Poly1305 for encryption. This means that Standard Notes makes for an excellent place to store passwords, keys, and other secretive credentials.

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WindowTop SW (FREE for Windows 7 – 10) enables you to manage your windows practically and efficiently with several awesome features

WindowTop does this:

  • You can pin any window on top of other windows [ALT+Z]
  • Enable window transparency (so you can see through the window) and even click through transparent window. [ALT+A]
  • Exclusive feature of “Shrink Window” – an innovative way to minimize windows (video time: 1:42) [ALT+Q]
  • And lastly the Dark/Reading Mode (video time: 1:29)

Download @ WindowTop

ProduKey v1.97 – Recover lost Windows product key (CD-Key) and Office 2003/2007 product key

ProduKey is a small utility that displays the ProductID and the CD-Key of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office 2003, Microsoft Office 2007), Windows (Including Windows 8/7/Vista), Exchange Server, and SQL Server installed on your computer. You can view this information for your current running operating system, or for another operating system/computer – by using command-line options. This utility can be useful if you lost the product key of your Windows/Office, and you want to reinstall it on your computer.

Download @ NirSoft

Active@ KillDisk 14 for Windows

Active@ KillDisk Freeware

Active@ KillDisk Freeware is an easy-to use & compact utility that allows to sanitize storage media with the One Pass Zeros data sanitizing standard. It permanently erases all data on Hard Disks, Solid State Drives, Memory Cards & USB drives, SCSI storage & RAID disk arrays and even two disks in parallel.

Sanitizing Hard Disks - Erase Options

Biniware Run is a portable desktop tool which provides you fast access to your favorite website links, files and folders from one single place …

Just drag and drop any website link, file or folder inside the colored circle from your desktop and you can easily access all you are interested in by using this handy software. You can define categories, move, sort, import, export or customize your shortcuts anytime. Instead of searching for bookmarks in different web browsers, files or folders through your computer, make your work and browsing easier with Biniware Run.

Biniware Run screenshot

Learn More (and Download) @ Biniware.com

FastCapture 9.5

FastStone Capture is a powerful, lightweight, yet full-featured screen capture tool and screen video recorder. It allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular / freehand / fixed regions as well as scrolling windows / web pages.

Download @ FastStone

NoMachine 7.5.2 – FREE Remote Desktop Software

Go from your desktop to any NoMachine-enabled computer at the speed of light. Thanks to NX technology, NoMachine is the fastest and highest quality remote desktop you have ever tried. Get to any computer in the world in just a few clicks! Take what’s important where you go and share with who you want! NoMachine is your own personal server, private and secure. NoMachine is free? No strings attached. [License: Freeware | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 33.4 MB ]

Download @ NoMachine

One click to any of the remote desktops available in the NoMachine recent connections list

Great “Simple” Note Keeping Application

Simplenote 2.11.0

Simplenote is an Open Source utility that allows you to sync your essential notes on all your devices automatically. You can use Simplenote to keep notes, lists, ideas and more. All items entered will sync throughout all of your connected devices. It is set up in such way that it lends itself to maximum efficiency.

SideSlide is an advanced, portable, unobtrusive, dockable, skinnable, instantly accessible, highly configurable Desktop Extension on Steroids!

SideSlide keeps your desktop clutter-free and organizes your PC life in a unique and personalized way. With dynamic containers, a full featured keyboard launcher and various innovative features, SideSlide lets you get instant access to everything you have and much more. It’s the program launcher you never knew you needed, with the ability to contain and organize a bewildering amount of information.

Learn More (and Download) @ Northglide Systems

WinScan2PDF 7.07

This is a great little software program that let’s you scan documents easily without having to start up and complex scanning software. With WinScan2PDF it is no longer necessary! Start the scan directly from this desktop application and save the scanned documents directly as a PDF file on your Windows computer without any detours. The program is very small and easy to use suitable for beginners and advanced users.

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WinScan2PDF 7.07

WinScan2PDF is a tiny and portable program that allows you to scan documents and save them on your computer as a PDF by using any installed scanner. You can also directly scan your documents and save them as a PDF including multiple pages. [License: Freeware | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 175 KB ]

An Altarnative Scann Software for free is WinScan2PDF!

Windows Repair Toolbox

You will find “Windows Repair Toolbox” under the “Tech Toolbox” category that is handily available at the top of the website. Download and run “on-the-fly” the best free software when it comes to diagnose and solve several kinds of Windows problems. With three exceptions, all the programs included in the toolbox are portable. The tools are categorized by their function, and the program will automatically download the correct version for the Windows edition in which you’re working. Additionally, it will also help you keeping those tools updated.

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Windows Repair Toolbox

A portable program that helps you repair a Windows system, by making the process faster, easier and more consistent.


TreeNoote version 1.6 is now available! A version that makes your notes even more secure!

Secure, simple, and free! TreeNoote is available free for Windows and is under development for iOS, Android, MacOS, Linux. What’s new in this version 1.6: Automatic backup of your data with a choice of storage path and number of copies to keep; AND, the ability to restore your backed up data on demand.

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A hierarchically organized note-taking app built to be secure, free, and portable.


Tweaking.com Windows Repair 4.11.3

Windows Repair is one of those tech tools that is unique in that it can help fix some of those pesky Windows problems. As with any tech tool like this, back up your important files. I have included Windows Repair under the “Tech Toolbox” category at the top of the web site.

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Tweaking.com – Windows Repair is a tool designed help fix a large majority of known Windows problems including; registry errors, file permissions, issues with Internet Explorer, Windows Updates, Windows Firewall and more.

Download @ FreewareFiles.com

Screenshot for: Tweaking.com Windows Repair 4.11.3

Get the last FREE version of FastStone Capture

A screen capture utility is a “must have” on any PC (or flash drive); especially if you are a writer, blogger, graphic designer, desktop publisher, etc… I have tried and tested many of the capture utilities and the one that has set well with me is “FastStone Capture”.  FastStone Capture went commercial after version 5.3; however, the freeware version is still available at various sites around the internet.  This little utility is a well thought out screen capture utility. It  is no wonder the author opted to go commercial with it. I highly suggest purchasing this screen capture utility if you can; but, if you can’t, follow the instructions below to get the last “FREE” version.

Before I tell you where you can get FastStone Capture (the last freeware version), let me give you some hightlights. The download that I will refer you to is a download for the portable version that can be installed on your flash drive or into a folder of your choice on your PC. This way, if you do not like it, simply delete the folder; but I’m telling you this little app rocks and is very easy to use.

FastStone Capture uses very little screen space and provides (6) different screen capture modes (see below) that can be activated by clicking one of the mode buttons in the application or by using hotkey combinations on your keyboard.


1. Capture Active Window

2. Capture Window /Object

3. Capture Rectangle Region

4. Capture Freehand Region

5. Capture Full Screen

6. Capture Scrolling Window

With FastStone Capture you have the option of sending the captured result to a built in graphic editor, to the clipboard, to a file, to the printer, or to an email (as an attachment).  The output file can be saved to the most common graphic file formats (e.g. gif, png, bmp, jpg, tif) or as a PDF file. Settings are also available that allow you to auto capture to an edge/watermark or to prompt you each time to assign a caption or label to your captured result.  This little app also features a built-in graphic editor, a screen magnifier and a screen color picker.

If you do not have this app, I suggest you get it now…  You can download FastStone Capture (last freeware version) [ HERE ] .

If you would like to take a look at the paid (current version), CLICK HERE

Kudos to the author of FastStone Capture for making such a wonderful application.

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thilmera 7 – Windows Advanced System Monitor

This system monitor is a new one to me and will have to test further. The developers description of thilmera is that it is a system monitor that compactly displays the usage, operating rate, and temperature of CPU, GPU, disk, memory, network, input/output sound, etc. in real time. I can see this being a great diagnostic tool.

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thilmera – Windows Advanced System Monitor

thilmera 7 is a system monitor for Windows that displays the performance and status of your PC in a compact size in real time.

CCEnhancer 4.5.7 for Windows

This tool has turned into a popular option for folks who already use CCleaner by turning CCleaner into a very powerful program cleaning option. In a sense, CCEnhancer is an add-on to CCleaner, by adding support for over 1,000 new programs. The tool uses the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs.

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CCEnhancer 4.5.7

CCEnhancer is a small tool which adds support for over 450 new programs into the popular program CCleaner. The tool uses the winapp2.ini system built into CCleaner to easily add new rules and definitions for programs. 

NEW TOOL from NirSoft – Web Browser Bookmarks View

Features I like in this new utility is the ability to export the bookmarks list to csv/tab-delimited/html/xml file, copy the bookmarks to the clipboard and then paste them to Excel or other spreadsheet application, and open a Web site from your bookmark in your Smartphone by using QR Code.

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WebBrowserBookmarksView v1.00

WebBrowserBookmarksView is a simple tool for Windows that displays the details of all bookmarks stored in Chrome and Firefox Web browsers. For every bookmark, the following information is displayed: Title, URL, Folder Name, Folder Path, Position, Created Time, Modified Time (Only Firefox), ID, Guid, Web Browser, and Bookmarks File.

Web Browser Bookmarks Viewer

VLC Media Player 3.0.13

VLC Media Player has been around for years and still produces (in my opinion) the best multimedia player available (that is FREE). Runs on all platforms – Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Unix, iOS, Android …

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VLC Media Player 3.0.13

VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files as well as DVDs, Audio CDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

Let License Crawler find those product keys, serial numbers and software licenses for you …

Product Keys, serial numbers and software licenses are something you never think about until you have to restore your computer back to factory specs or you have to re-install the software for some reason. By that time, you don’t remember where you placed that information or even understand what it is for. License Crawler can discover application product keys and other serial numbers or licenses very quickly and supports all versions of Windows operating system from Windows 95 to Windows Server 2008 R2.

LicenseCrawler 2.3.2546 

Scans the Windows Registry for Windows product keys and other serial numbers and licenses.

Screenshot for: LicenseCrawler 2.3.2546

IP Lookup provides you with a simple option for looking up your internal and external IP addresses …

This is one of those techie type utilities that many may shy away from; but, I use this to determine my “external IP address” when using a VPN to make sure the number’s match and validates that the VPN is working.

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IP Lookup 1.7.1

IP Lookup provides you with a simple option for looking up your internal and external IP addresses. IP Lookup is a simple and to the point utility that has a specific job and does it well. IP Lookup is displayed from a minimalistic interface that does offer a few settings like always on top and language selection. [License: Open Source | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 191 KB ]


Protect Your Online Privacy with Surfshark VPN

If you truly want a method to browse the internet privately; to keep yourself from being tracked; and to hide your location (even from your ISP); then, you should be using a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Please do not let the big words scare you away, because installing and using a VPN is quite simple (and is actually a no-brainer at a time where anything and everything you do on the internet is a deep intrusion of your privacy).

A Virtual Private Network is a service that allows you to connect to the Internet via an encrypted tunnel to ensure your online privacy and protect your sensitive data. A VPN is commonly used to secure connection to public Wi-FI hotspot, hide IP address and make your browsing private.

Recently, here at “Tech News for You”, I decided it was time to explore the various VPN services and buy into one. I highly suggest that you avoid any VPN services that are free due to the likelihood those services will be harvesting your data and selling it. A commercial (and reputable) VPN is the way to go and there are some really good one’s out there. The cost is minimal considering the protection you are buying into.

The VPN service I ended up subscribing to is Surfshark. If you are interested in Surfshark, you can get a FREE month (30 days); register & get the USD 2.49/mo deal; get 30-day bonus on top; and use Surfshark on unlimited devices…

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How to create multiple taskbars on your Windows 10 PC with a program called “Linkbar”

If you follow my blog, you know I love program launchers. Here is one called “Linkbar” that is being presented in an article by the “The Windows Club” (see link below). This particular program launcher gives you the ability to add additional taskbars to your Windows desktop. As pointed out in the article, this program is a portable app (no install necessary). Simply download, run and follow the prompts…

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How to create multiple taskbars on Windows 10 with Linkbar

When we perform multiple tasks on our computer, our taskbar overflows. This creates a problem in switching from one application or software to another, as we have to click up and down arrow keys on the taskbar. Due to this, our productivity may get affected. In this article, we will show you how to create multiple taskbars on your Windows 10 PC.

Add multiple taskbars Windows 10

MajorGeeks Windows Tweaks added to the “Tech Toolbox”

MajorGeeks Windows Tweaks has been added to the “Tech Toolbox” page here at “Tech News for You”. One neat thing about MajorGeeks Windows Tweaks is that many of these are hidden, removed, or unavailable settings and features in Windows. You can browse the collection and delete or move any tweaks you like and create a custom collection of your favorite tweaks. Many of these tweaks can be helpful when troubleshooting a computer problem.

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MajorGeeks Windows Tweaks 2.31

Contains 208 files including registry, PowerShell, Visual Basic, shortcuts, and batch files to enable tweaks and hidden features in Windows 10, 8, and 7 for any skill level.

TeamViewer Remote Access Software UPDATED

TeamViewer is the remote access software that I go to when there is need to connect to a remote into another computer. Very reliable and easy-to-use software. Great software to use when there is a need to remotely assist family and friends with their computer problems.

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TeamViewer 15.16.8

TeamViewer is a simple and fast solution for remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer that works behind any firewall and NAT proxy. TeamViewer is a software for any situation that combines various applications in one cost- … Continue reading

Save and restore the positions of the Windows Desktop Icons with DesktopOK

Our computer desktops can become disorganized in a heartbeat with icons here and there. DesktopOK can help you become more organized. With this program you can position your icons where you want them and DesktopOK will remember their position.

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DesktopOK 8.77

DesktopOK is freeware designed to help you save and restore the position of desktop icons and also for frequent screen resolution changes. It does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and it can be carried on a small USB-stick or another type of memory device. [License: Freeware | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 493 KB ]

Backing up and restoring the position of icons on your desktop!

Glary Utilities Updated

This is one of my favorite utilities to help maintain and protect your PC. It is the “Swiss Utility Knife” to PC Maintenance. First link below is to MajorGeeks and second link is the developer’s website (to learn more).

Thank you for visiting “Tech News for You” …

Glary Utilities 5.164

Glary Utilities offers free powerful and easy-to-use system tools and utilities to help fix, speed up, maintain and protect your PC. [License: Freeware | Requires: 10|8|7 | Size: 17.9 MB ]

Developer’s Website: Glarysoft


A new “portable” version of Balabolka has been released…

This portable app has been around for quite awhile. Balabolka is a great “text-to-speech” option that uses your computer to read back highlighted text. I often use this software to read back lengthy blog posts…

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Balabolka Portable (text-to-speech on demand) Released

A new version of Balabolka Portable has been released. Balabolka is a Text-To-Speech (TTS) program that uses the Microsoft Speech API (SAPI) voices installed on the system to read text aloud or save it to an audio file. It’s packaged in PortableApps.com Format …

Opera 75.0 Build 3969.149 (64-bit)

Opera for Windows computers gives you a fast, efficient, and personalized way of browsing the web. It comes with a sleek interface, customizable Speed Dial, the Discover feature, which helps you find fresh web content, the data-saving Opera Turbo mode,…

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