The new Samsung A52 5G looks and feels like a smartphone that cost a lot more than $499

Samsung A52 5G: Load of Features for Midrange Price

by eWeek

The A52 5G feels comfortable and solid in your hand with its polycarbonate shell, has a bright display and a battery that will last from dawn to midnight. It has three quite capable cameras on the back and another good one staring back at you. If you’re in the market for a midrange-cost phone with 5G connectivity, the Galaxy A52 5G ranks right up there with the best ones available. >>> READ MORE

Considering how quickly phone manufacturers clone their competitors’ newest features, it’s amazing that this Samsung security feature has not made its way to stock Android or iOS …

The thing that Samsung has that Apple and Google lack is a simple feature that prompts you to enter your lock screen passcode before you can turn off or reboot your phone. Follow the source link below to learn more why this is critically important.

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Here’s Why It’s Harder to Steal a Samsung Phone Than an iPhone or Another Android

Pretend you’re a phone thief for a moment. You might be a pickpocket or a stickup kid, but you’re in possession of other people’s phones on a regular basis. Now ask yourself this: what’s the first thing you do after you steal a phone? Any real phone thief with half a brain would simply turn the phone

The Motorola G Stylus is a great phone for under $300 …

Motorola Moto G Stylus (2021) review: the write stuff

Your best bet for a budget phone with a stylus… The G Stylus doesn’t just win by default; it’s actually a well-rounded and capable phone for under $300. It offers a big 6.8-inch 1080p screen, a generous 128GB of built-in storage, and a Snapdragon 678 processor with 4GB of RAM. Motorola introduced it earlier this year with a $299 MSRP, though it’s now selling for $279 from the manufacturer and other retailers.


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Moto G Stylus
| 2021 | 2-Day Battery | Unlocked |
Made for US by Motorola | 4/128GB | 48MP Camera | Black

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