Everyone is familiar with mirrors, but smart mirrors are a bit different. Smart mirrors are becoming more and more popular, both in home and in retail environments, but most people still don’t really know what one is…

A smart mirror is a device that functions as a mirror but adds something to the image through a form of virtual or augmented reality. It can take the form of a camera and screen to create a virtual avatar that mirrors you, a screen that overlays an image on you without creating an avatar, or a mirror which has a screen behind it that displays information.

What Is a Smart Mirror?

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What’s a certified refurbished Amazon Device?

You can save money on many of the Amazon sponsored devices by buying “certified refurbished”. Certified Refurbished Amazon Devices work and look like new and are backed with the same limited warranty as a new device. Used Amazon Devices sold by Amazon Warehouse are fully functional pre-owned units that have been tested and verified by Amazon to meet the specified product condition. Used Amazon Devices do not receive a manufacturer’s warranty but do receive a 30 day money-back guarantee from Amazon.

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