Screen Capture (with built-in editor) for Google Chrome…

As a tech blogger, one of the “must-have” tools is a good screen capture application. What I am working with to accomplish that task, at the moment, is a Google Chrome browser extension called “Screen Capture”. You have several options to perform a capture (such as full page, visible area, and select area) and one feature I have never seen in a screen capture application before is an option that allows you to select “edit page”. Once you select that option, you can actually edit the text on an existing web page. I am assuming once you make your changes you can then screen capture your results. Another feature I really like is the ability to save a capture as a graphic file or a PDF. The PDF save feature will come in handy when I need to do full page captures. I will be experimenting with “Screen Capture” (and some others) before I settle with one that I am happy with, but this one may be a keeper.

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Source: Google Chrome Store – Screen Capture

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