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How to create multiple taskbars on your Windows 10 PC with a program called “Linkbar”

If you follow my blog, you know I love program launchers. Here is one called “Linkbar” that is being presented in an article by the “The Windows Club” (see link below). This particular program launcher gives you the ability to add additional taskbars to your Windows desktop. As pointed out in the article, this program is a portable app (no install necessary). Simply download, run and follow the prompts…

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How to create multiple taskbars on Windows 10 with Linkbar

When we perform multiple tasks on our computer, our taskbar overflows. This creates a problem in switching from one application or software to another, as we have to click up and down arrow keys on the taskbar. Due to this, our productivity may get affected. In this article, we will show you how to create multiple taskbars on your Windows 10 PC.

Add multiple taskbars Windows 10

Download Quick Access Popup

Create your own personalized menu to launch your programs, Windows apps, documents, websites, etc…  I am a lover of application launchers and can tell you that “Quick Access Popup”, is a good one and that the developer has put heart into this.

This easy-to-use tool will permit you to efficiently access all of your frequently used folders without the need to search for their location within Windows Explorer. It will also allow you to create your personalized menu that contains shortcuts to your favorite folders, documents, applications, URLs and more.

Source: Download Quick Access Popup – MajorGeeks

Developer’s Site:  Quick Access Popup

Quick Access Popup – Speed Up Your Work With This Multi-Purpose Launcher and Folder Switcher!

From day one I have enjoyed working with various program launchers in creating menus to launch my favorite and/or most used programs. With that being said, Quick Access Launcher is right down my alley. I first saw this on Major Geeks and thought I would give it a try and share this find with you. Where this little program will come in handy for me is that I can install this on my flash drive as a portable app and will enable me to quickly launch the apps and web links I have on the drive.  If you like program launchers, I encourage you to take a look at this one (see video below for an overview).

SOURCE: Quick Access Popup

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