Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse Review | groovyPost

Here is a nice review, by groovyPost, on the new generation Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse… You can see this mouse firsthand, at Amazon — Click Here

All the buttons on the mouse can be customized for app-specific profiles thanks to the Logitech Options software. Any button can be remapped for a specific task. In fact, it will scan your computer for apps where you can enable preset mappings. It also gives you control over the pointer precision and scrolling functionality.

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Quick Tip: How To ‘Quickly’ Select A Range of Text or Paragraph Of Text With Your Mouse

I typically use the following process in my web browser to copy and paste blocks of information I come across. This will also work in other applications, as well; and, has come in very handy when posting articles here on ‘What’s On My PC’…

To Select a range of text or paragraph(s) of text that you desire to copy and paste, hold down the shift key and left mouse click at the beginning of the sentence or paragraph; then go to the end of the paragraph or sentence, hold down the shift key and left mouse click at the end of the sentence or paragraph. The block of text that you have highlighted can then be copied and pasted elsewhere.

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