Multiple monitors are a popular way to boost your productivity. But how many is enough … or as it might be, too much?

I can attest that a multiple monitor setup can be a boost to productivity and is actually easy to set up in Windows 10 (learn how HERE) … BUT, how many monitors is enough? That answer can only be answered by you and what it is you are trying to accomplish (and how much money you have). If you follow the source link below you can learn more about “How many monitors do you need?” from a realistic standpoint.

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Unique Product: An On-The-Go Dual-Screen Laptop Monitor

For you techies out there that have the need for dual-screen viewing, while on the go; the Duex Pro Portable Monitor may be what you need. This portable monitor features full HD 1080P display with flexible rotation (to get the best view angle). Simply plug DUEX Pro into your laptop, and you’re ready to boost your productivity by up to 50%! USB Type-C cable and USB-C to A Adapter included.

Duex Pro Portable Monitor

Source: Amazon – Duex Pro Portable Monitor

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How to clean a flat screen TV – Reviewed Televisions

Always use a microfiber cloth or towel—like the ones that come with a new pair of glasses—to clean your TV screen.

Repeat after me: I will never use Windex—or any type of window cleaner—to clean my TV.

Do Not Use Windex or Window Cleaner to Clean a TV Screen

Get the full details on “How to clean a flat screen TV” at the source link reflected below. The same techniques explained work for computer monitors, smartphones, tablets, etc…

Source: How to clean a flat screen TV – Reviewed Televisions

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