A Microsoft Word document may not open for multiple reasons. You may see data partially or nothing at all. If you face a similar problem, this post will guide you to either open or partially recover data from damaged documents in Word …

A corrupted Microsoft Word file can leave you with that sick feeling of despair; especially, if it is a document of great importance. To prepare for something like this, I encourage you to visit the source link below to discover your options in repairing a corrupted Word file.

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Source: The Windows Club – How to repair a corrupted Word File

Learn the “3 Ways to Move and Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word” at MUO

You won’t find a way to reorder your pages in Word like you can rearrange your slides in PowerPoint. But that’s because Word is a word processing application, so it’s like one long, scrolling document. Whereas PowerPoint is a presentation application built with slides as their own elements. But rest assured, there are ways to move and rearrange pages in Microsoft Word and we’ll show you three easy methods.

Word Navigation Pane Move Heading

Learn the “3 Ways to Move and Rearrange Pages in Microsoft Word” @ Make Use Of

Learn “How to Create a Page Border in Microsoft Word” at How-To-Geek

Adding a page border to your document can be a subtle way to make your Microsoft Word documents stand out. You can customize the style, thickness, and number of pages for a border to apply to your Word document.

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Read This Article on How-To Geek

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