Microsoft Edge is getting a new password monitor that will notify users if a fraudulent activity/breach attempt is detected as long as their passwords are synced to the Microsoft account …

It only works with a Microsoft account for now, as you’ll need to sync your passwords to the Microsoft account to activate the feature. Once you do so, the next time your password is detected in breach you’ll begin receiving real-time notifications.

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The latest version of the Microsoft Edge web browser offers to sync tabs across connected and authorized Windows 10 PCs and Android smartphones …

Microsoft Edge Beta for Android now allows users to sync tabs across to Microsoft Edge on PC. The update also introduces the option to sync history across the different versions of Edge on different devices. The feature is likely in A/B testing, or at minimum, is rolling out gradually to Edge Beta users.

Microsoft Edge Stable 87.0.664.52

Microsoft Edge is the browser that you see as part of the Windows 10 OS. Here at “Tech News for You”, Microsoft Edge is one of those browsers I am using and testing. What I have experienced is a very refined web browser that can go head-to-head with any browser out there. Updates are automatic… To see all the features of Microsoft Edge, follow the source link below.

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Source: Microsoft – Microsoft Edge

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