Microsoft is “experimenting” with a new feature – called start-up boost – that could increase the speed with which its web browser Edge is able to launch from the Windows 10 desktop or taskbar…

The speed gain will be achieved by activating select Microsoft Edge processes when a Windows 10 machine is powered on. With these processes already running in the background, using up minimal computing resources, Edge will exist in a state of readiness that should improve launch times.

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Preview web pages from results of your favorite search engine…

The browser extension ‘URL Render‘ permits you to navigate websites without leaving the search results pages. When you over a link on the search result page it open the website on the free space and allow you to preview – navigate on it. The browser extension is meant to increase your efficiency and speed, allowing you to find the information you need more rapidly.

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Last week, we reported that Microsoft has started testing a new vertical tabs feature to select Insiders on the Canary channel. The feature is now rolling out to a subset of Dev Channel Insiders…

The new vertical tabs feature offers a bunch of benefits. First off, the functionality is ideal for 16:9 laptops and monitors, and it has been designed to perfectly aligns with this new standard. The feature allows users to stack tabs at the side of the browser and makes it easier to see valuable information at the top when browsing.

Vertical Tabs Edge

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How to use the “Immersive Reading View” in the NEW Microsoft Edge

“Immersive Reading View” allows you to remove the distractions (ads, video clips, menus, etc…) on a web page so that you can focus on the article you desire to focus upon. This also comes in handy when you want to print or save just the article. Once you bring up an article (or web page) in the immersive reading view you have options to increase the font and even have the page read back to you. This is a very nice feature that is already built into the NEW Microsoft Edge web browser.

To use the “Immersive Reading Mode”, follow the below steps:

  1. After opening Microsoft Edge, go to the website that you desire to read (such as “What’s On My PC“).
  2. Look for the “Immersive Reader Icon”, located at the right side of the address bar and click on it.
  3. The web page you desire to read will now be stripped down in the immersive reader view.
  4. You can turn “off” the immersive reader view by clicking on the same icon again.

Note: If visiting a page and you do not see the “Immersive Reader Icon”, then the web page does not support this feature.

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