Microsoft just rolled out a beta version of its Edge browser to Linux.

This is great news for those who own Chromebooks with Linux support and those who prefer Microsoft Edge over Google Chrome.

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Microsoft Edge Beta now available on Linux, including Ubuntu and Fedora

Microsoft Edge for Linux has slowly made its way through different levels of testing by Microsoft. Edge Dev has been available for Linux for some time, and it recently gained theĀ ability to sync passwords and favorites. Now, you can grab Edge Beta for Linux.

Microsoft Edge Linux

Visit “Chrome Unboxed” to learn how to install the Linux file manager called “Nemo” on your Chromebook …

The one thing lacking or is unpolished on a Chromebook is the file manager. This matters to those folks who are techie in their nature and are into file management. I am one of those people. Fortunately, most newer Chromebooks allow you to install Linux (or activate it) on your Chromebook. Once activated; another world is opened. As a result, I started looking around at file managers that run on the Linux platform that would play along with my Chrome OS file structure. What I found, at “Chrome Unboxed” was a review on “Nemo”, a Linux based file manager (that features dual panes, tabs, etc…). After installing Nemo (which took about 4 to 5 minutes) and jumping through a few hoops I feel pretty good about Nemo in that I can now “reliably” access and manage all the files on my Chromebook, in addition to the file shares that I have on the network in my home.

If you are interested in giving “Nemo” a try, follow the source links below…

A big “THANK YOU” to Gabriel Brangers for posting the article:

Nemo: Rock Linux on your Chromebook with this handy file manager“.

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