Learn about Facebook’s NEW “Transfer a Copy of Your Information” feature….

Lifehacker (favorite site of mine) provides a walkthrough on how to use Facebook’s new feature where you can transfer (or copy) posts you have made on Facebook to either Google Docs, Blogger or WordPress. If interested, follow the link below…

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How to Export Your Facebook Posts to Google Drive

If you want to export your Facebook posts for any reason (I’ll leave it to you to decide why), you can now dump these and your notes to a Google Doc, Blogger, or WordPress.

“Ctrl + Alt + / or ?” brings up a window where you can check out every Chrome OS keyboard shortcut

“Ctrl + Alt + / or ?” is probably the best keyboard shortcut to remember when using a Chromebook. Why? This keyboard shortcut will bring up a master listing of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use on a Chromebook.

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How to see keyboard shortcuts on a Chromebook

Operating a computer can get tedious and time-consuming as time goes by. If you’re an IT person or simply someone who has to spend long, hard hours on a device, you realize how useful it would be to have shortcuts to your work. Quite fortunately, that is exactly what brings us to the topic of today’s article – shortcuts on Chrome OS.

Master Keyboard Shortcut Window

This how-to tutorial shows you how to run the Windows 10 wireless network report command and use it to troubleshoot a Wi-Fi network connection problem …

TechRepublic has posted a tutorial on how to run the “Windows 10 Wireless Network Report” to troubleshoot a Wi-Fi connection problem. The report is generated by executing the command “netsh wlan show wlanreport” from the Windows PowerShell or the Command Prompt. Administrative credentials are required to run the command. I plan to add this tutorial to the “Tech Toolbox” here at “Tech News for You”.

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How to troubleshoot Wi-Fi with the Windows 10 wireless network report

The extensive and detailed Windows 10 wireless network report could be all you need to pinpoint your troublesome Wi-Fi problems and find the right solution to end them.

Can you convert PDF files to Word for free with No Watermark?

The answer is “YES”… Follow the link below to “Nerds Chalk” and learn how!

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How to Convert PDF to Word Document for Free: Without Watermark, Online and Offline

If you’re a working professional or a college student, you might definitely be dealing with a lot of… The post How to Convert PDF to Word Document for Free: Without Watermark, Online and Offline appeared first on Nerds Chalk.

How to easily toggle between multiple monitors in Windows 10

I currently have a dual monitor setup using two flat panel TV’s that works like a charm; however, there are times I want to turn one of the TV monitor’s off so that I can watch TV. My curiosity had me wondering; “Is there a shortcut method to toggle the dual monitor set up “on an off” without having to dig into the Windows 10 display settings?”.

The answer is yes. I have always stated, “if you can think of it; someone has already done it”… Built into Windows 10 is what is called the “Project Keyboard Shortcut” (which is Windows Key + P). Once you activate those keys a “Project Panel” extends from the side of the “main display”. That panel easily gives you the options of changing from a dual display back to your main “PC Display; AND, when you need to extend the display to the second monitor, again, hit the “Windows Key + P” and select the “extend” option. You may have to fiddle around with it a bit to pick what you desire as your main display; but, once you do this, it is easy after that.

Do you have Chrome extensions that have become must-use, but their absence is keeping you from adopting the Opera browser? Fret no more …

How to install Chrome extensions on Opera with ease

After a bit of searching, I came across an Opera extension that allows you to install Chrome extensions on the browser. I quickly installed it and gave it a test. It should come as no surprise that the extension worked like a charm. Once installed, I could then add any Chrome extension I needed to Opera.


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