Extensions can add a wide range of new features and functionality to Google Chrome, but sometimes you need to remove or disable one or more of them. Here’s how to do it…

Many folks I know don’t know what browser extensions are. Browser extensions are small software modules or add-ons for customizing a web browser on a desktop computer. Extensions for browsers on smartphones are not readily seen or available. If you have a desktop computer and use a Chrome-based browser or Firefox (plus many other browsers), I encourage you to experience browser extensions. Browsers typically allow a variety of extensions, including user interface modifications or add-ons that enhance your browsing experience to improve productivity. If you follow the source link below to “How-To Geek” you will learn how to uninstall or disable extensions, if by chance you installed one you do not want. If you are interested in trying some browser extensions and are a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge user, visit the Google Chrome Store where you will find a wide array of various extensions. Firefox also has its’ own array of extensions as well. Do I use browser extensions? Absolutely… I have about 20 of them installed and have tried hundreds of them.

How to Uninstall or Disable Extensions in Google Chrome @ How-To Geek

There are a number of reasons why you might want or need to connect your laptop to an external monitor, including the need for a larger screen…

Mashable has a great article posted that will teach you the “in’s and out’s” about connecting a laptop computer to an external monitor… Follow the source links below to learn more!

Also, at the bottom of this post you will find a source link to Amazon that will show you the “Top Tools For Remote Workers”.

In the always evolving world of tech components, the challenge may be in negotiating between ports and adapters to get you cruising on that second screen. Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know to make it work with an external display or even multiple monitors.


This article explains how to remove photo background in high resolution with Photoshop online for free …

Below you will find a source link to the website, “I Love Free Software” that will provide instruction on removing background images in photos using “Photo Express”. You can get to “Photo Express” by clicking [HERE] … You will have to sign up for an account which will only take a moment. Also, be sure to check out the paperback book at Amazon, “PhotoShop Complete Course and Compendium” …

Photoshop Express is a web-based light version of the Photoshop app with essential photo editing features.

I love free software

Did you know that there is are two very basic forms of Facebook you can use on your computer and smartphone?

Facebook has a high-end interface that you typically see on your desktop computer (at facebook.com) and in the Facebook app that you use on your phones. Both of these interfaces, whether on the computer, smartphone or tablet, can consume a lot of memory. What most folks don’t know is that there are other ways of loading Facebook in your web browser that uses a less intensive user interface (and less memory) that is geared toward loading facebook on a mobile phone. For example, let’s say your Facebook app is not working on your phone. You can go to your web browser on your phone (note: this will work in the web browser on your computer and tablet as well) and try (type) the following web addresses into the browser:

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Stop Chrome from running in the background after closing …

I never let Chrome run in the background, ever. Chrome has a habit of running in the background even after explicitly closing it. The main reason is that an app or extension might keep it awake to complete tasks such as sending a notification. It may also be allowed to start up with your PC, so it will keep processes open even if you didn’t open Chrome at all.

Learn how to stop chrome from running in the background @ gtricks

Make your smartphone unique by setting cool wallpaper for your Home screen and lock screen …

Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to make your smartphone look unique. Almost all Android smartphones and tablets are pre-loaded with some default wallpapers to choose from. In addition to that, you can add images and themes from local storage. Android also allows you to set a different wallpaper for the home screen and lock screen. So, let’s see some of the simple and effective ways to change the wallpaper on Android.

How to Change Wallpaper on Android?

Learn How To Change Wallpaper on Android Mobile/Tablet @ TechOwns

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