Screen Capture (with built-in editor) for Google Chrome…

As a tech blogger, one of the “must-have” tools is a good screen capture application. What I am working with to accomplish that task, at the moment, is a Google Chrome browser extension called “Screen Capture”. You have several options to perform a capture (such as full page, visible area, and select area) and one feature I have never seen in a screen capture application before is an option that allows you to select “edit page”. Once you select that option, you can actually edit the text on an existing web page. I am assuming once you make your changes you can then screen capture your results. Another feature I really like is the ability to save a capture as a graphic file or a PDF. The PDF save feature will come in handy when I need to do full page captures. I will be experimenting with “Screen Capture” (and some others) before I settle with one that I am happy with, but this one may be a keeper.

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Source: Google Chrome Store – Screen Capture

Convert Chrome browser tab(s) into popup groupings with Popout Plus…

Popout Plus is one of those hidden gems in the Google Chrome store that is not given enough credit for what this extension allows you to do. That may be due to the fact that most folks don’t understand its’ purpose. With this extension, you can create popout browser windows for whatever web site you have loaded into the browser. For example, I can load Facebook into my browser, click on the Popout Plus icon on the toolbar and Facebook will pop out into a nice clean window (similar to a window that you see in MS-Windows). Once it is in that windowed interface, you can resize it, etc… If you go into the options of Popout Plus, you have options to save your windowed sessions so that the next time you load, say, “Facebook”, it will remember the window size, etc… You can also assign keyboard shortcut keys where anytime you open up your browser and desire to pop out a specific web site, you can quickly create the popout (or load a previous one) with the shortcut keys on your keyboard. As I mentioned, this is a gem of a browser extension that I hope the developer takes heart and keeps up to date.

Extensions can add a wide range of new features and functionality to Google Chrome, but sometimes you need to remove or disable one or more of them. Here’s how to do it…

Many folks I know don’t know what browser extensions are. Browser extensions are small software modules or add-ons for customizing a web browser on a desktop computer. Extensions for browsers on smartphones are not readily seen or available. If you have a desktop computer and use a Chrome-based browser or Firefox (plus many other browsers), I encourage you to experience browser extensions. Browsers typically allow a variety of extensions, including user interface modifications or add-ons that enhance your browsing experience to improve productivity. If you follow the source link below to “How-To Geek” you will learn how to uninstall or disable extensions, if by chance you installed one you do not want. If you are interested in trying some browser extensions and are a Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge user, visit the Google Chrome Store where you will find a wide array of various extensions. Firefox also has its’ own array of extensions as well. Do I use browser extensions? Absolutely… I have about 20 of them installed and have tried hundreds of them.

How to Uninstall or Disable Extensions in Google Chrome @ How-To Geek

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