Unattach is a free desktop app to free up Gmail storage by deleting Gmail attachment


by I Love Free Software

This is an open source desktop software that you can run and it even lets you schedule the attachment deletion process. The best part is that, it runs on all the major platforms and you can use any number of Google accounts to delete unnecessary attachments. Or, you can use it to back up those attachments too as it has a download only option there as well besides deleting those attachments. >>> READ MORE

Free Up Gmail Storage by Deleting Gmail attachments via Unattach

Retract your Email on Gmail that you didn’t mean to send

How to Unsend an Email on Gmail Quickly

by Techowns

There may be circumstances we might send the wrong email to a person or an email to the wrong person. As Email is the common medium of business communication, it is essential to check all details before sending it. It includes choosing the correct person in the To section, writing emails without any errors, and more. If you have sent the wrong email, there is less chance of undoing it. Yes, there is a chance to undo the mistake for some time. There is a possible way to unsend an Email on Gmail. But, you have to act as quickly as possible. >>> READ MORE

How to Unsend an Email on Gmail

Simplify and change the appearance of your Gmail to make you happy and more productive…

After feedback, Simplify Gmail v2 has a simple pricing structure that looks great

Simplify Gmail v2 is interesting to many users, it would seem. I posted about the service just a few days ago and the interest has been through the roof. That made me feel a tad bit sad, honestly. I’ve been using Simplify Gmail for quite some time and only mentioned it in passing in an article from April 2019 (yikes!) as Inbox was being shut down….

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