Believe Nothing, Verify Everything… Facebook says it will penalize individuals who repeatedly share misinformation

Pages that are considered repeat offenders will include pop-up warnings when new users try to follow them, and individuals who consistently share misinformation will receive notifications that their posts may be less visible in News Feed as a result. The notifications will also link to the fact check for the post in question, and give users the opportunity to delete the post. >>> READ MORE @ Engadget

Facebook will punish users who repeatedly share misinformation.

Learn about Facebook’s NEW “Transfer a Copy of Your Information” feature….

Lifehacker (favorite site of mine) provides a walkthrough on how to use Facebook’s new feature where you can transfer (or copy) posts you have made on Facebook to either Google Docs, Blogger or WordPress. If interested, follow the link below…

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How to Export Your Facebook Posts to Google Drive

If you want to export your Facebook posts for any reason (I’ll leave it to you to decide why), you can now dump these and your notes to a Google Doc, Blogger, or WordPress.

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