Need Custom Labels??? Create and Customize your own labels with Labeley…

Labeley is a FREE web app (that you work with from your web browser) that gives you the ability to “create custom stickers for all occasions, from birthday parties, weddings and other special events to kids camping trips, kids clothing, back-to-school programs and so on”. With Labeley you can create your own design(s) with the online label editor, save them for future reference, upload your own graphics (or pics) and when done you can have them printed (for a small fee) and sent to you.


Aside from the sleek, user-friendly layout, Labeley comes with a variety of design options that make label creation easy and fun. Users can choose between different:

– label shapes
– borders
– ribbons and graphics
– colors and fonts

or they can revamp their own design by simply uploading it from their personal computers. The best thing is, they don’t even need to create an account if they want to remain anonymous.

Featured: Did you know you can “Quickly and easily save important emails and their attachments to Bublup, right from your inbox”

If you follow my posts here on “Tech News for You”, you may remember seeing my article about Bublup (Insta-Organize and Collect everything you find and do on the internet with ‘Bublup’) … If you are not using ‘Bublup’, you don’t know what you are missing. I use ‘Bublup’ to save just about everything I find on the internet. I call it my packrat Bublup account…

A nice archive feature in ‘Bublup’ is the ability to forward important emails from your email account to your ‘Bublup’ account. I find this especially handy if I am working on something important and want to make sure I have a backup of those important emails. When you forward the email to ‘Bublup’, the email is converted to the PDF format.

If interested in learning more about Bublup, signup today for a FREE account HERE and get an extra 1GB added to your account.

Newsola, a FREE web based news aggregator that visualizes world news using a treemap algorithm …

Newola is one of my favorite news aggregators in that it pulls its’ news sources directly from Google News. The unique features of Newsola are in its’ visual presentation where the news is pulled down into a treemap algorithm in colors that differentiates between the news categories. If you take your mouse wheel in any of the colored news categories and roll the wheel, Newsola will toggle to that category in a full windowed mode. At the top of Newsola you will find category tabs and a “check box” where you can tell Newsola to auto-refresh. It is also available in numerous languages. I typically will leave Newsola up as a web app or pin in my browser with “auto-refresh” checked off so that I always get the current news. Newsola is a great application and has been one of my favorites for years…

Tech News for You
Source: Newsola

Design presentations, social media graphics, and more with thousands of beautiful layouts with Canva …

Canva is my “go to” online app for desktop publishing and graphic design. There is a FREE and paid option to Canva and I have found that you can create stunning results with the FREE version as long as you use the graphics that are marked as free (and there are thousands of them). I often use graphics I find on the internet to plugin (copy/paste) to whatever project I am working on. Canva can also be downloaded and installed as a Windows and Mac application; but, I typically use Canva in my web browser on my Chromebook. With Canva you can let your imagination flow to create signs, cards, logos, newsletters, resumes, infographics, social media headers, and posts, etc … Give it a try; you will be impressed!

Source: Canva

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