Use ClipClip To Copy “Multiple” Texts, Images or Files To Your Clipboard

As a blogger, I am often performing repetitive Windows clipboard “copy/paste” operations of texts, image, and files. Windows 10 recently added a clipboard history saving feature that is helpful; but, is very limited in capacity and what it can do. This is where “ClipClip” filled the void.

ClipClip Main Interface

ClipClip is a productivity tool which expands the functionality of your clipboard. Instead of having a single item in your clipboard, you can have hundreds. This means you no longer have to switch between windows when copying and pasting several items. You can also search through your clipboard history to find something you copied recently or up to several months ago, depending on your privacy settings. Saved Clips are stored as normal files (txt, html, jpeg, etc) on your hard drive so you may use your favorite cloud service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive or even SVN) to share Saved Clips with your team.

Source: Clipboard Manager Software for Windows – ClipClip

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