“Ctrl + Alt + / or ?” brings up a window where you can check out every Chrome OS keyboard shortcut

“Ctrl + Alt + / or ?” is probably the best keyboard shortcut to remember when using a Chromebook. Why? This keyboard shortcut will bring up a master listing of all the keyboard shortcuts you can use on a Chromebook.

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How to see keyboard shortcuts on a Chromebook

Operating a computer can get tedious and time-consuming as time goes by. If you’re an IT person or simply someone who has to spend long, hard hours on a device, you realize how useful it would be to have shortcuts to your work. Quite fortunately, that is exactly what brings us to the topic of today’s article – shortcuts on Chrome OS.

Master Keyboard Shortcut Window

A Chromebook user’s thoughts on virtual desktops…

Here’s how you can get the most out of your Chromebook’s virtual desks

The Chromebook’s Virtual Desks feature is pretty exciting and we’ve certainly had no shortage of things to say about them here. Having the ability to compartmentalize your apps and web apps into different workspaces so that you’re not constantly bombarded with tons of open windows is ideal because it keeps us from attempting to visually process too much information at once. 

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