Looking to create a keyboard shortcut to launch the Windows 10 Calculator app? If yes, you have come to the right place.

If you are always looking for a calculator, here is a good “How To” (by “Into Windows”) on creating a keyboard shortcut to launch the calculator that is built into Windows 10.

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How To Create Keyboard Shortcut To Open Calculator In Windows 10

The Calculator app in Windows 10 is powerful. In addition to basic, scientific, graphing, and programmer modes, it also offers options to convert currency, volume, length, weight & mass, temperature, energy, area, speed, time, power, data, pressure, and angle. So, there is no doubt that it is one of the best, if not the best, calculator apps out there for the Windows operating system.

Nice… FREE Online Calculator

Calculate anything, anytime, anywhere… Free online calculators for everything. Some solve problems, some satisfy curiosity and some simply for fun. One cool feature is the “Minimize” button that allows you to minimize the calculator to a smaller window so that you can perform your calculations while working on whatever it is you are working on.

Source: calculator.com

A FREE Basic Calculator (that can be accessed via the web or as a browser extension)

I love this calculator for its’ simplicity and that it is right at hand, as a browser extension. You can also access this calculator via the source link below and to learn more on how to install the calculator as a browser extension.

A simple calculator for basic arithmetic. This is a free tool available as an offline-enabled web/mobile application, Chrome extension, Firefox Add-on, and Microsoft Edge Extension.

Source: Basic Arithmetic Calculator

What is up with the huge Calculator in Windows 10, Microsoft? | gHacks Tech News

Those who use the Calculator regularly may have been shocked by the giant size of the Calculator in the new version of Windows 10. The calculator takes up most of the screen when launched initially. The screenshot below shows it right after launch on a 1920×1080 monitor on a PC running Windows 10 version 1809.

giant calculator windows 10

Source: What is up with the huge Calculator in Windows 10, Microsoft? – gHacks Tech News

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