New Menu Structure at “What’s On My PC”

Decided today to move the menu structure around that you see at the top of the page. The NEW structure is set up as reflected below. I wanted to get the “Bookmarks4Techs” menu option out there in plain view; plus a new addition (Amazon  Tech  Deals).whatsonmypc logo 2019

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Here Is A GREAT “How To” On Posting From Google Docs To WordPress

I just posted (yesterday) about the Google Docs to add-on that allows you to draft a blog article using Google Docs and then send the draft of that article to your WordPress account for final review and publishing. Already today, I noticed that I Love Free Software drafted an excellent step-by-step instruction on “how to” post from Google Docs to WordPress (see source link below).

Learn how to post from Google Docs to WordPress.There is WordPress plugin that lets you export an article from Google Docs To the Draft Folder of your site.

Source: How To Post From Google Docs To WordPress

New “What’s On My PC” Domain Name –

I have been maintaining the blog since July of 2008 and have been able to maintain a steady flow of site views and visitors. Today, I made two changes to the blog. One, I changed the header; AND Two, I acquired a primary domain name for the site ( through WordPress. You can still get to the site through the WordPress domain address.

WordPress has a package setup to manage the process for acquiring the domain name; and, included in the package is additional blog file space, email and live chat support and the removal of advertising. The removal of the advertising will give the site a cleaner look with less distraction. WordPress, to this point, has never let me down…

Maintaining the site has become a real pleasure to maintain and has actually ended up being a hobby that I hope to continue to fulfill for many years to come. It is my way of satisfying my passion for computer information technology. Thank you to all my readers and hope you continue to visit and support the site.

You Can Now Use Google Docs As A Editor

With the new Google Docs add-on you can now compose a WordPress blog article in Google Docs and send a draft directly to (or a Jetpack powered site). I am always looking for ways to post my blog articles and this add-on appears to make good use of Google Docs and its’ formatting options.

Source: WordPress

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