Bublup – A visually appealing bookmarking app where you can save, collect, and share just about anything…

Bublup is the new modern visually appealing way to collect and save, not only links, but PDF’s, photos, videos, GIF’s, notes, emails and other types of files. These items can be saved in the same folders together, making it ideal for research and for establishing collections. A cool component of Bublup is when you save something, other relevant information relating to the topic you saved, will bubble up. There is also a method to import your bookmarks into Bublup from Chrome, Safari and Firefox. With a FREE account you get 3 GB of storage and if that is not enough, go for one of the paid options. So far, here at Tech News for You, we are liking what we see with Bublup… Almost forgot, you can create Roll web pages instantly from Bublup folders. Customize them easily into beautiful stories and collections of your content including links, photos, videos, GIFs, notes, PDFs, and other files. Bublup is available on the web, in your browser, and as an iOS and Android app.

Source: Bublup

Did you know you can use Rocketbook anytime, anywhere for free with the FREE Rocketbook templates?

Today I took advantage of a deal at Amazon for a Rocketbook. Rocketbook is a reusable, cloud-connected, notebook for note-taking purposes. You can blast your handwritten notes and big ideas to your favorite cloud destinations with the FREE Rocketbook companion app, then erase your notebook pages with water to use the pages over, again and again! Now, how cool is that.

While I await shipment of my Rocketbook, I started to explore more; and, I happened across a portion on the Rocketbook site that allows you to download templates that you can use with the Rocketbook app. Definitely is a great way to try out the app and the technology before you order your Rocketbook.

Download, print and scan Rocketbook pages for free

If interested in buying a Rocketbook, CLICK HERE to visit Amazon to see the selection of Rocketbooks that are available.

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It’s that time again: a bunch of crappy apps have made their way to the Google Play Store, and it’s on you to make sure you don’t have them on your Android phone. If you do, you’ve just been suckered by “fleeceware.”…

What’s “fleeceware?” I confess, it’s a term I don’t often hear, but it’s basically deceptive marketing. An app hides its terms, fees, and/or subscription costs, or otherwise has some clever way to cajole you into signing up for a “free trial” that actually expires very soon and costs you a lot more than you expected when it’s over.

Learn More About “Fleeceware” @ LifeHacker


Best Weather App for Amazon’s Fire TV

Lately I have been really into the Amazon’s Fire TV… I currently own the Fire TV Stick and have learned to load apps from the Amazon app store and have learned how to sideload Android apps that are not really compatible with the Fire TV Stick. One app that I was looking for was a good weather app that was recognized as being compatible with the Fire TV Stick. What I found, after loading and trying many weather apps, is that the WeatherBug app works the best at this point.

WeatherBug on FireTV: Real Time Forecast & Radar

Send (Download) to your Fire TV @ Amazon

Network Cell Signal & Wi-Fi Info is a thorough cell network/Wi-Fi monitor and measurements/diagnostic log tool(4G+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM)…

Network Cell Info can help troubleshoot your reception, and connectivity problems while keeping you in the know about your local cell carrier radio frequency landscape. Network Cell Signal & Wi-Fi Info also includes a one-tap Wi-Fi/mobile internet performance speed test tool. Take a speed test to verify your internet performance including download, upload, ping, and jitter test results.

Screenshot Image

Source: Google Play Store (Android) – Network Cell Info Lite – Mobile & WiFi Signal

Perform a data connection speedtest on your phone using Speedtest by Ookla…

Discover your download, upload and ping/ Stay private and secure with our free Speedtest VPN; Real-time graphs show connection consistency; The only internet connection test capable of accurately measuring 5G; Mobile carrier coverage maps; Test with a single connection to simulate downloading a file or multiple connections to understand max speed; Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised; Track past tests with detailed reporting; Easily share your results

Screenshot Image

Source: Google Play – Speedtest by Ookla

‘Hey Google, read it.’ A cool feature using Google Assistant on Android

What if you could just turn any text into an audiobook that you can listen to while you do other stuff? Google seems to think that’s a great idea as it offers that as a feature on Android. You just need to invoke Google Assistant when you see an article you’d like to have read and say “Read it,” “Read this page,” or “Read it to me.” You can try that with the text right here…

Learn More @ Android Police

A Reader’s Submission: Found an excellent weather site. Was so impressed with it I subscribed! I travel over multiple states by car for business so am always on the lookout for a good weather app…

Recently a visitor to “Tech News for You” contacted me (Rick) and submitted information about a weather site and app, called “Windy.com“, that they highly recommended. I took a look at this and found that the “Windy.com” app and web site as a new find for me and that it is everything the reader stated. Thank you to “Carmicheals” for this submission.



To help get you to the weather site and to the app, here is what the reader had to say:

Found an excellent weather site/app:



Was so impressed with it I subscribed! I travel over multiple states by car for business so am always on the lookout for a good weather app. This one’s right up there with RadarNow


which I have also purchased. Thanks for your site – good job on the rename and upgrade!

Locast.org is a public service to Americans that provides over the Internet the local broadcast signals of select markets.

As a side note to this, I am a subscriber to Locast. I recommend you give this a try first. If you are able to bring in the local TV stations, with the app, I recommend you sign up and donate $5 per month (that will eliminate the Locast ads, which can be a nuisance). All-In-All, I love Locast…  You can also watch TV with your Locast account on any device (including your desktop computer). Locast is based on your location and is a very cheap way to get the main basic channels.

Below is the source link for the Android App

Screenshot Image

Source: Google Play Store – Locast

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