A quick way to “clear your web browsing history and data” …

The one thing I love about is computers is that I am always learning something new; even after all these years. I did not know that there is a web browser keyboard shortcut that you can use in just about any web browser that will get you quickly and precisely to the settings that you need in order to clear your browsing data (such as your browsing history; download history; tracking cookies and site data; images and files; and even stored passwords — if you opt to). It is a good idea to dump this data on a regular basis to speed up the browser (and computer) and to especially eliminate any tracking cookies or even data that may contain malware. The data your web browser collects and stores on your computer is in essence a complete and massive record of everything you do or have done while surfing the web.

So, the keyboard shortcut to bring up what you need to clear your browsing data in your web browser is as follows:

Ctrl + Shift + Delete

The screenshot below depicts what appears when you use the keyboard shortcut as indicated above. This screenshot is from the web browser, Microsoft Edge. I tested this on Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Vivaldi and the keyboard shortcut is the same on all. The dialog box that appears may be slightly different than pictured below; but, they are all very similar.

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Save a complete page into a single HTML file with this Chrome-based browser extension…

This browser extension, called SingleFile, I thought may come in handy for those looking for a way to save a “web page”. What this extension does is compile the page you desire to save into a single html file. This extension is “chrome-based”; therefore, it should work cleanly on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, Brave and the like…

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Source: Google Chrome Store – SingleFile

Vivaldi Mail, Vivaldi Feed Reader and Vivaldi Calendar make their first public appearance. Download the latest Vivaldi Snapshot version to test them all…

Here at “Tech News for You”, my choice web browser is Vivaldi… Today, I happened across this news where in addition to their web browser the Vivaldi team has been working on a Vivaldi Mail Client, Calendar and Feed Reader. All three are available for testing… It is exciting to see a web browser that serves up different ideas from the other browsers we are accustomed to.

Vivaldi Mail Technical Preview

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