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My name is Rick Robinette and I have been blogging since July 2008. My former site, “What’s On My PC” was placed into retirement June 2020. At that time I converted “What’s On My PC” to the web site “Tech News for You”. I made this change to bring the site more in alignment with the times.

If you CLICK HERE you will find the archive of all my blog posts that literally consists of thousands of postings. My passion for blogging about computers and information technology have not diminished. Please visit frequently and share the site with others…

There is something here for everyone!

Retirement Pic

My Retirement Photo

Myself, my wife and our cat, Emma Faith Clementine, lead a “complex-free” life… The picture you see above is of me following my retirement (as a MD-Dept of Health Police Officer and Computer Information Specialist). As you can see in the picture, I am gray, just hanging around, foraging for food, staying up late at night, and enjoying my life. As you notice, my nose is pink, which is a sign of “good health”. I have “no complaints“.  God has been good to me.

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