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  • Vivaldi 4.1 offers something that’s a rarity in the world of browsers: a new macro system that complements the niche browser’s implementation of new “accordion tabs,” too. Both features offer some intriguing new ways to surf the web.Vivaldi debuted a few years ago as the brainchild of some former developers of the Opera browser. Those developers have never been afraid to think outside the box, with inspired innovations such as a way to “pause” the browser. Other times, Opera follows competing browsers with features like integrated video games. Now, Vivaldi has returned to interesting ways to increase your productivity.To read […]
  • Chip shortages have hit one of the world’s largest software companies, Microsoft, and its lineup of Surface PCs.Microsoft reported net income of $16.5 billion (up 47 percent from a year ago) on revenue of $46.2 billion, an increase of 21 percent over the same period. But two key businesses suffered as a result of ongoing supply issues.Microsoft said that Surface revenue dropped 20 percent, or by $348 million, to $1.376 billion. In a statement, Microsoft said the shortfall was driven by “supply chain constraints,” without specifying what those constraints were. Microsoft also said that Windows OEM revenue decreased […]
  • Microsoft released its groundbreaking Flight Simulator for its Xbox Series X and S on Tuesday, but PC gamers have a real treat as well: The significant performance upgrade Microsoft and Asobo Studios teased is now live. In early July, Asobo said that it had rewritten the game’s code to double the frame rate and significantly reduce the memory requirements, making Flight Simulator accessible to even more gaming PCs. In a video, the game ran at about 60 frames per second on a Core i7-9700K and GeForce RTX 2060.To read this article in full, please click here
  • Facebook’s Oculus division said Tuesday that it’s pausing sales of the company’s Oculus Quest 2 headset, after reports that its foam facial interface irritated the skin of some customers.When the device returns in a few weeks, however, Oculus said that the Quest 2 would also feature a larger storage option, a 128GB headset on sale for the same price of $299. The larger Quest 2 will become the “standard” Quest 2 offering, the company said. Once the larger Quest 2 debuts, the Oculus Quest 2 will be available in two capacity points: 128GB and 256GB. The 64GB […]
  • The T-Mobile High Speed Internet Gateway (5G21-12W-A) offers a $50/mo alternative to cable broadband, and delivers performance good enough for a small household that likes to stream video.
  • Windows 11 is real, and it’s drawing closer. Microsoft has announced the next generation of its operating system, and we’ve already received a look at some of its next-generation features.Microsoft has already unwittingly provided us with an early look at Windows 11. It’s noteworthy for its streamlined Start menu and simplified taskbar, layered on top of what looks a lot like Windows 10.As Microsoft rolls out Windows 11, bookmark this page to keep up with the latest news, tips, and reviews of Windows 11. Scroll down for our hands-on and video walkthrough of Windows 11, too, as […]
  • Windows 11 is nearly here. Microsoft has formally announced Windows 11, and we’ve already seen it as a leaked build. Every new operating system brings many questions. We’re starting here with the answers we know, and we’ll update this list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) as we learn more. To find everything we know about Windows, check out our Windows 11 comprehensive guide, with news, tips, reviews, and more.What is Windows 11? Windows 11 is the name of the next major revision to Windows 10, different enough that it justified a new brand name and not just another […]
  • Battery life is an often vague and nebulous concept. In theory, it can be represented by a single number but, in practice, literally hundreds of factors can shorten or lengthen endurance. That’s frustrating if you’re trying to gauge the battery life and health of your notebook, especially if you’re trying to determine if it’s time to buy a new laptop.Windows has a secret feature called Battery Report that can help. It’s what we use while testing notebook endurance at PCWorld. Here’s how to access Battery Report and understand what it reveals you about your laptop.To read this […]
  • Whose fault is it that the PC industry has never, ever seen an upgradeable laptop design succeed? Ours. Yes, each of us bears the blame for never, ever seeing the laptop blossom into a mobile version of the desktop, with infinite upgrade capabilities that run until the end of time. But this isn’t about finger-pointing. For all our good intentions, there are some very good reasons why we’re not acting on our ideals. For the sake of argument, let’s agree that Framework’s new laptop, which you can upgrade or change, is a good thing. But how many of us actually […]
  • Microsoft released the first build of Windows 11 on Monday. Here’s how to get it and try it out for yourself.You’ll need two things: first, a PC that meets the minimum hardware specifications of Windows 11. Second, you’ll need to join the Windows Insider program so that your PC can receive the first beta or Windows Insider builds of Windows 11. While it’s possible that Microsoft will release a standalone .ISO file of Windows 11, those plans hadn’t been finalized as of Friday, when we asked.To read this article in full, please click here

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