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  • If you’re trying to move up the corporate ladder, then you’re going to have to undertake a job interview or two. But preparation is key. Not only should you anticipate questions, but prepare good answers well before. Want to learn more tips like these? Then the 2022 Premium Interviewing Skills Bundle may be your best bet, especially as it’s on sale for $34.99. The web-based package features 19 hours of comprehensive skills training that’ll get you ready to tackle any kind of interview, regardless of what it’s for. You’ll learn how to source jobs via LinkedIn, tips for better in-person […]
  • Is it even possible to play computer games on a keyboard that doesn’t light up like a nuclear-powered Christmas tree? Yes, of course. But why would you want to? The inclusion of code supporting RGB-lit keyboards in the latest revision of Chrome OS indicates that long-awaited “gaming” Chromebook laptops are on their way. Possibly. Maybe. We’ll see. The report comes from 9to5Google, which spotted the new feature flag in the public-facing open-source code repository for Chromium (the project at the heart of the Chrome desktop and mobile browsers and the Chrome operating system used by Chromebooks). The […]
  • At a glanceExpert’s Rating ProsRobust set of featuresCompanion app is handy Impressive recharge rateConsOK-ish power efficiencyPriceyOur VerdictThe EcoFlow Delta Mini Portable Power Station has all the bells and whistles you’d want from a power station. If it’s within your budget, we have no real qualms with it. And the standard EcoFlow Delta doesn’t cost a whole lot more if you need extra capacity and outlets. Price When Reviewed849 Best Prices Today Retailer Price Delivery EcoFlow $999 View Adorama Not Available Free View Price comparison from over 24,000 stores worldwide Maybe it’s because I’ve researched a lot of […]
  • Whether you’re buying a new laptop for school or trying to find a high-end gaming laptop, it’s possible to find good laptop deals no matter the season. We’re scouring the web daily to find the laptop deals you don’t want to miss. Mind you, not all advertised laptop deals are actually deals, so we’ve only included the ones we consider actual bargains—and we’ve explained why. We’ll add new laptop deals as we see them daily and remove any expired sales. Right now, we’re seeing strong discounts on gaming laptops, Microsoft Surface devices, and more. If you’re looking […]
  • It’s just a little over two weeks until football’s national holiday and if you want to get a new set for the big game, now is your chance. Best Buy is selling a 65-inch Vizio 4K TV for $500, which is down from $600. The deal lasts until February 15. The Vizio V655-J09 features 3840-by-2160 resolution and it supports a variety of high dynamic range formats including Dolby Vision, HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG. However, neither Best Buy nor Vizio list the brightness and some reports put it at under 300 nits. In other words, it doesn’t hit […]
  • PC gaming is starting to look up in 2022, as graphics cards are dropping in price ever so slightly. Amazon’s currently selling the Zen 3-based Ryzen 5 5600X at its best price yet. The online retailer is selling the Zen 3-based CPU for just $260, which is down from its more recent high of $289. This CPU features six cores, twelve threads, and a boost to 4.6GHz. Like all of the Ryzen desktop CPUs, this processor doesn’t come with integrated graphics, meaning you’ll either have to buy a new GPU or use your old one for now. […]
  • At a glanceExpert’s Rating ProsSuper reliable, quick disk and partition imagingNew file and folder backupNew partition managerLean-and-mean boot mediaConsConsumer version uses proprietary image formatOur VerdictQuick, facile, reliable… Version 7 of R-Drive Image adds partition management, file and folder backup, and an appealingly modern appearance. Our recommended backup solution. With a variety of free backup programs available, including those that ship with your operating system, R-Drive Image is a program I’d pay for. That’s about as great a compliment as I can offer to a piece of software. The reason is simple. In all the years I’ve been […]
  • Already using a password manager? Smart move—you’ve increased your security by not relying on written reminders, spreadsheets, or other insecure forms of tracking passwords. Don’t stop there, though. To fully benefit from the magic of a password manager, you should be using as many of its features as possible. When you do, strong, random passwords become an even more seamless part of your daily routine. To help you get to that place, we’ve made a list of 10 features you should give a go (or at the very least, be aware of) in a free or paid […]
  • Microsoft has said previously that it plans to issue feature updates to Windows 11 once per year, in the fall. But the company said Wednesday that it plans to issue a “public preview” of Android apps running on Windows, among other features, next month, to Windows 11 users. In other words, Windows 11 is receiving its first real update. Microsoft’s announcement came at the end of a Wednesday blog post authored by Panos Panay, chief product officer of Windows + Devices at Microsoft. The blog post reiterated many of the claims made by chief executive Satya Nadella […]
  • While Intel recorded record revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021, Intel chief executive Pat Gelsinger said that chip shortages will persist throughout 2022 and into next year. “Looking across the industry, 2021 was dominated by two recurring themes, unprecedented demand, and ecosystem supply constraints,” Gelsinger said. Intel reported record revenue for the quarter—$20.5 billion, up 3 percent from a year ago, on $4.6 billion in profits. But the company’s Client Computing Group (CCG) reported sales that fell 7 percent to $10.1 billion. Supply constraints hit Intel’s PC customers, lowering their ability to ship PCs. Notebook revenue […]

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