A solution to mirror your Android phone to your TV or Monitor (without Wi-Fi)…

A great majority of today’s Android based smartphones lack the ability to cast (screen mirror) to a TV without Wi-Fi. If you have Wi-Fi, you can use devices made for casting such as the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Firestick. In my case, I have a Motorola G Stylus smartphone and have explored every option out there for screen casting (or mirroring) in a no Wi-Fi environment and have had no luck in finding a “reliable” solution; until now.

I have a camping RV and my RV is not in any range of Wi-Fi and depends on my cell booster to bring in a data signal on my phone in order to stream content. I can watch on my phone, but cannot mirror on my phone to the TV due that my Android phone lacks the ability to do so. As I mentioned, most Android phones lack this option; with just a few, such as Samsung that have the built in options for using Miracast to cast or mirror to a TV.

The solution I found, and can’t believe I missed this is a USB Type C Micro USB to HDMI Cable, MPIO MHL to TV HDMI Adapter that can be easily found on Amazon that is very inexpensive in my opinion. If this works on my Motorola I will bet this will work for you, as well. The device I ended up with is at this link – CLICK HERE

Also, read further to see the steps to connect your phone to your TV or monitor using this adapter…

Here’s how this adapter works:

IMPORTANT TIP: The app to make the connection to the TV from the phone is called MiraPlug from the Google Play Store. I recommend, if you order the adapter, that you install the MiraPlug app and have it installed (ready to go). I did that; and after I received the adapter, made the connections, setup was super easy.

  1. Please switch the TV to the HDMI channel, then plug the USB Cable into USB Charger first (Note: The USB port of some aging TV might cause insufficient power supply, please plug the usb cable into the USB Plug Charger)
  2. Plug the HDMI Cable into the TV’s HDMI input port, and you will see a blue screen.
  3. Open your phone/ tablet, then scan the QR Code on the blue screen to download an APP ‘Miraplug’. (Please don’t worry, it needn’t to pay for using and your privacy will be well-protected. This permission is your permission for screen mirror, which WON’T access your privacy and private information from allowing permission of screen mirror.)
  4. After downloading, open ‘MiraPlug’, then plug the USB C cable/ Micro USB Cable to your device (phone/ tablet), a reminder message shall pop up” Use USB TO”, please don’t click anyone of these three options.
  5. Then will pops up a message ‘MiraPlug requires permission to turn Bluetooth’, please click ‘Allow’. Then will pops up a message ‘MiraPlug will start capturing everything that displayed on your screen’, please click ‘Start Now’.
  6. Click the volume sign, allow turn on bluetooth, then Choose “MiraBT-A73D7DD8 as target, this steps let the volume come out from TV, now mirroring completed. (Step 5/6 please refer to the pictures below)

After I had everything setup, mirroring to the TV was exceptionally in sync (no lag). I would like to further point out, that streaming services such as Sling, YouTube TV and other “paid” TV streaming services block the mirroring from the phone to the TV due to copyright concerns no matter what mirroring device you use (except certified devices like Chromecast and the Amazon Firestick). Don’t let that stop you from trying this adapter. There are many things you can do once you have mirroring setup and other TV options (like Pluto or Xumo) where mirroring is not blocked.

I thought I would share my experience with you on this and hope you found this article helpful.

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