BEWARE of FAKE (SCAM) Amazon Email

My mother received an email that in all appearances was from Amazon; when, in fact it is a SCAM. I encourage everyone to take a look at the email so that you will know how to spot it. I have highlighted “what to look for” so that you can spot scams like this.

In this case the email looks official (from Amazon) indicating my Mother ordered a ViewSonic projector at a cost of $1585.40. Any reasonable person seeing an email like this, knowing they did not order something that costly, would immediately think someone had access to their credit card account or bank account credentials to make a purchase. So; what that reasonable person would do is call the phone number in the email or would reply back to the email to straighten out the matter. It is when you respond back or call the number where the “criminal” will attempt to extract information from you such as a credit card number or a bank account.

Please always be alert to SCAMS that you recieve in email. If you have a doubt, that is your instincts coming out. Have someone help you determine the legitimacy of any email correspondence or when something just does not look right. In this case, this is exactly what Mom did and I am proud of her for it. As a further precaution, I checked her Amazon account and nothing like this was ordered using her account; plus, all other accounts were in order.

PLEASE SHARE THIS with others; especially, Mom’s and Dad’s…

Click on screenshot below to see full view of this scam email…

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