Tech News for You – Major Website Update

I recently have been working on the website to make it more dynamic in news related content, easier to navigate and more mobile (smartphone) friendly. My goal is to make “Tech News for You” a website where you can quickly visit and read the news headlines from leading technology sources. To get full benefit of the site, I encourage you to bookmark and visit the Homepage

The updates include:

  • Newsfeeds from popular technology news related websites (I will be adding more in the future).
  • Category and Menu Changes to include: Top News, Android News, Chromebook News, Cord Cutting News, Windows News, Daily Deals @ Amazon, Software Downloads, How To’s, and Android Apps.
  • Added a new category: Tech Toolbox (troubleshooting resources) where you will find links to various troubleshooting resources; diagnostic and repair tools; and informational guides to help you when your computer is not functioning properly. This category will surely grow…
  • The homepage has been updated to include an “easier to navigate” button type menu that will enhance navigation from a mobile or smartphone platform.

If you have been following my blog, I thank you for visiting. I have been maintaining my site (originally “What’s On My PC”) since July 2008. I have seen many bloggers come and go; AND, as the social media platforms ramped up, sites such as mine have taken a hit. As a result, this most recent site change will benefit me personally and hopefully will benefit you, as well.

technewsforyou-small logo

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