How to easily toggle between multiple monitors in Windows 10

I currently have a dual monitor setup using two flat panel TV’s that works like a charm; however, there are times I want to turn one of the TV monitor’s off so that I can watch TV. My curiosity had me wondering; “Is there a shortcut method to toggle the dual monitor set up “on an off” without having to dig into the Windows 10 display settings?”.

The answer is yes. I have always stated, “if you can think of it; someone has already done it”… Built into Windows 10 is what is called the “Project Keyboard Shortcut” (which is Windows Key + P). Once you activate those keys a “Project Panel” extends from the side of the “main display”. That panel easily gives you the options of changing from a dual display back to your main “PC Display; AND, when you need to extend the display to the second monitor, again, hit the “Windows Key + P” and select the “extend” option. You may have to fiddle around with it a bit to pick what you desire as your main display; but, once you do this, it is easy after that.

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