With Swagbucks, you can make extra cash through your phone, computer, and tablet during your free time …

One of the best ways I have found “recently” to earn some extra money is with Swagbucks . I started “Swagging” about a 3.5 weeks ago and have earned over $57 for which I have already cashed in for an Amazon $25 Gift Card (that I was able to get for $22). It has taken me this time to learn the “in’s and out’s”, but in the end it has been fun, addictive and worth it. I now have my wife “Swagging” and we expect in a month’s time to earn over $100 once we gain more knowledge about the service. She is into the surveys and we found the more you do, the better the surveys become (just have to be truthful). Swagbucks is for real and has been around for approximately 13 years. It is something that you can turn into a hobby that can earn you some spare money, gift cards, etc… I typically do Swagbucks in my idle time; like sitting at a Dr’s appointment, watching TV, etc… One “Swagbuck” is the equivalent of a penny and they will add up. You have daily tasks to complete, videos you can watch, coupon savings, etc… Like I said, you have to get in there and learn how to navigate the site to start earning your Swagbucks

Earn money online

If you think you may be interested, signing up is FREE. By using any of the links in this article, it helps keep my site going and helps me gather more “Swagbucks” to feed the cat (LOL)…

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