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How to save webpages as PDF in Chrome or Firefox

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome all have a feature where users can save any […] This article How to save webpages as PDF in Chrome or Firefox first appeared on

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NASA Perseverance rover: See ‘first of its kind’ footage from Mars descent on Monday – CNET

NASA promises you will “see Mars like never before” during a briefing on Monday.

Mount smart with these wireless security camera tips

So you’re looking to pick up (or have already picked up) some of the best wireless home security cameras? That’s great! A wireless home security camera is one of the best ways to help secure your home, especially if it has 2-way audio support since you can hop on the respective app and tell those intruders to get off your lawn

The Best Sites to Play Solitaire Online for Free

Love playing Solitaire? See the best sites to play it for free without having to create an account. The post The Best Sites to Play Solitaire Online for Free appeared first on Technipages.

What’s new in Android 12?

It’s been a few days since Google dropped the first developer preview for Android 12, and that’s given everyone a chance to get their feet wet. The general consensus seems to be that this could end up being one of the biggest updates to Android ever, even if there aren’t any major and radical changes being made.

After Start Menu, Windows 10 is getting floating taskbar menu and more

Microsoft is yet to formally announce all of its Windows 10 redesign plans and it’s believed that the company would introduce the first big update of the year in the fall of 2021. Work on the Sun Valley update has already started at Microsoft, but the company has remained completely tight-lipped on this new update.

When Android 12 is coming to your phone

There are quite a lot of new features that are hidden away in Android 12, which is what we have come to expect. Google has just released the first developer preview, and there are some changes enabled by default, and others that aren’t as obvious.What’s new in Android 12As is the case with every major version of Android, Pixel devices get the first…

T-Mobile’s Magenta Max plan comes with true unlimited data

T-Mobile is introducing a plan later this week that will almost entirely do away with throttling. Its new Magenta Max plan includes unlimited premium data and unlimited video streaming at 4K. It also comes with 40GB of high-speed tethering data (T-Mo…

Watch Perseverance’s harrowing descent to the surface of Mars

NASA has released video taken by the Perseverance landing module and rover showing the famous “seven minutes of terror” in a bracing first-person perspective. The images sent back Friday were just a teaser — this is the full experience, and the first video of a Mars landing ever captured. A full description of the rover’s descent and mission can be…


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