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February 19, 2021

How to check if Windows 10 21H1 is installed on your PC

Version 21H1 is the next major refresh of Windows 10, but is it already installed on your computer? Here are two ways to find out. The post How to check if Windows 10 21H1 is installed on your PC appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 tips, one step at a time.

Windows 10 21H1 version check


Top 9 Best Tax Android Apps – 2021

If you want an easier way of doing your taxes, well, maybe we can help. There are a number of applications for Android that will make your tax prep and filing easier. Some are directly related to that, while others can indirectly help. Either way, we’ve hand-picked nine apps to show you. There are not many such apps in the Play Store, so we limited…

Export Lastpass To Dashlane: How To Import Passwords Safely

Password managers abound – and thank god for them! Given the ever-growing need to have strong passwords, and a unique one for each site, no one except memory champions would be able to keep track of all their secure passwords without these programs.

Mars has a new explorer: NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on the red planet

In an incredible feat of engineering, NASA has once again landed a rover on Mars. The rover touched down safely today after a picture-perfect landing sequence.

With Perseverance’s successful landing, NASA now has a helicopter on Mars

After a short, dramatic descent today, NASA’s Perseverance rover successfully landed on Mars, giving the space agency yet another suite of instruments to explore the Red Planet. As NASA previously revealed, Perseverance is carrying with it an experimental first-of-its-kind machine: Ingenuity, the only helicopter humanity has put on another planet. NASA…

With everyone on Zoom, this dangerous scam is out of control

Those of us who grew up during the internet’s early days remember the warnings. Young people were told never to share information. Adults sought to protect their children with lectures and net nannies. Though we are generally smarter browsers nowadays, bad actors have evolved tactics accordingly. Teens are being targeted via chat and…

Microsoft Office 2021 is coming to Windows 10 and macOS, but only a fool would buy it

Microsoft Office is the best software in the world. If I was running a company, I would choose it over any other solution. While free alternatives like LibreOffice are pretty good, they are all inferior to Microsoft’s class-leading office suite. Any spreadsheet power user, for instance, knows nothing compares to Excel. These are indisputable facts….

ChromeOS has a built-in screen recorder now

New ChromeOS updates make it easier for students and teachers to use Chromebooks for distance learning.

Easily and securely access your computer remotely from a Chromebook

We love just how flexible the Chrome browser and Chrome OS feature sets are. From myriad extensions and web apps to how useful it makes devices like Android phones and Chromebooks, Chrome OS is feature-packed. One of the most valuable tools that Chrome has to offer is the Chrome Remote Desktop, which allows you to access your computer (Mac, PC,…

Is there a way to keep a window always on top on Windows 10? Yes, there is, and a very simple one …

LEARN A Simple Way To Keep A Window Always On Top On Windows 10 @ TechnoBuzz

Windows 10 Calculator Not Working? 10 Fixes to Try

Most PC users take Windows 10’s native Calculator app for granted, and why not; it’s just a couple of clicks away and always tends to show up in a snap. But despite how reliable it may appear to be, the Windows Calculator isn’t immune from issues. On rare occasions, it can freeze, crash, or fail to open altogether. Bugs, glitches, and corrupted…

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