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February 17, 2021 – 9:00 AM

How to check how much free Google storage you have left

The Verge It seems like the days of free apps are slowly grinding to a halt. Just recently, password manager LastPass announced that it was drastically limiting the usefulness of its free app, and now, Google has sent out emails reaffirming that it is ending its free unlimited photo storage…

How often do you upgrade your smartphone?

Chatting with the AC forums. Being a fan of Android is a pretty exciting thing. There are constantly new phones coming out, fresh OS upgrades to look forward to, and all sorts of crazy innovations happening all the time. However, when it comes time to actually buy a handset for yourself, that’s where things can get tricky.

Super73 is the latest e-bike company to land a huge investment

Super73, the Southern California e-bike company popular among YouTubers and film celebrities, announced that it has raised an impressive $20 million from investors, making it the latest company to benefit from growing venture capital interest after a record year of e-bike sales.

Fenix E20 V2 350 Lumen LED Tactical Flashlight with Two EdisonBright AA Alkaline Batteries

How to fix error 0x80070643 on Windows 10

The error 0x80070643 on Windows 10 usually appears when the update of the latest Windows 10 version fails to install, but the error may also appear when you try updating some of the apps. We are going to show you several ways to get rid of it. See also: How To Access Windows 10 Startup Folder How to fix error 0x80070643 on Windows 10 The reason why…

Top 9 Best Beer Android Apps – 2021

Beer is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages in the world. Many of you probably like it, and believe it or not, there are quite a few beer apps and games available in the Google Play Store. Truth be told, not many of them are good, but we’ve managed to find nine of them that are easy to recommend.

Microsoft is testing a password-protected Kids Mode in Edge browser

Microsoft has started testing a new feature in Edge browser called Kids Mode, which as the name clearly suggests, is aimed at ensuring a safe internet browsing experience for children. Microsoft is currently testing the feature among the Insiders group in the Dev and Canary channels, and will likely roll it out widely soon. …

Google Workspace: 4 changes that may reduce your need for Microsoft Office apps

Improvements to how people can store, access, and edit Microsoft Office-formatted files in Google Workspace apps means that you may no longer need as many Office apps as in the past.

How to Fix and Use Custom Searches Keywords in Google Chrome

Google changed the way custom searches work in Google Chrome. Now, you can no longer type your custom search keyword and press Space to quickly search. There’s an alternative, though—and a way to get the old custom search behavior back.

Youtube TV may be preparing to let you download and watch shows offline

Of all of Youtube’s offerings, Youtube TV is the only app that currently doesn’t let you download and watch content offline with a Premium subscription. According to 9to5Google, that’s all about to change. After opening the app post update (5.06.2), a notification in your status be will state that the app is “looking for incomplete downloads” before…

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