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February 15, 2021 – 8:00 AM

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Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are getting a major security update from Intel Chromium browsers, including Chrome and Edge, will soon gain protection from Intel’s Control-flow Enforcement Technology. 

When and Where You Can Watch NASA’s Perseverance Land on Mars Sure, you can see a Snow Moon this month, but you can also watch a live Mars landing! The NASA Perseverance is slated to land on the Red Planet this month, and if you want to see it happen, here’s when and where you can watch.  

These apps can give your website a much needed refresh, and they are all on sale TLDR: These seven website improvement tools can help you build up a site, improve its look, boost growth, and maximize its potential, each at more than 88 percent off the regular price. Look, we didn’t want to have to be the ones to tell you this. But your website is looking a little ratty. Not that it’s bad, of course. It’s just been awhile since you…

How To Create A Windows 10 Bootable USB In Linux? So you ditched Windows and clean installed Linux to learn and lost the motivation because it’s too complicated to use? And now you don’t know how to create a Windows 10 bootable USB in Linux? We’re here to help! In this article, let’s look at how you can create a Windows 10 bootable USB in Linux. Download The Windows 10 ISO Windows is…

Linux Mint vs. Ubuntu: Which One’s Better For Beginners? Mint and Ubuntu are the two most popular Linux Distros among beginners. Some of the reasons they’re popular are their simple and delightful easy-to-use UIs, especially Mint’s UI, which resembles Windows in many ways. In this article, let’s compare Linux Mint Vs Ubuntu, check out the similarities and differences, and determine which one’s better for…

Best computers in 2021: Which desktop PC alternative is right for you? Instead of replacing a big old tower PC with an equally massive new one, why not choose one of these four alternatives?

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