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This super-sized ethical hacking bundle is just $42.99 For all of the scary notions and ideas that spring to mind when you think of “hacking”, there’s plenty of good that can come from it. Hacking isn’t strictly a bad thing. Done right, you can leverage hacking to better your life, automate processes, and have more fun — all without breaking any laws. Learning to hack, ethically, is a necessity in today’s…  AndroidGuys

8 Best Google Search Engine Alternatives Google has become the default search engine for many. In fact, it has become its own term where instead of saying “search” for something, they now say “Google” for something. It’s not hard to see why that is because Google has, over the years, proven itself to be incredibly useful and adept at surfacing results that are the most relevant to our search.It… Phandroid

Samsung Quick Share will also be a Windows 10 app soon Samsung and Microsoft’s efforts to form a joint Android/Windows ecosystem to rival that of Apple’s has reached a potentially critical stage. The OEMs are working to bring Quick Share (an AirDrop counterpart found on Galaxy-series smartphones) to PCs. Samsung’s Free service is also to arrive on Windows 10 soon, as is a new app called “O”. Notebookcheck.net: News RSS Feed

How to Mute Your Google Smart Speaker or Display’s Microphone Google Assistant smart speakers and displays are designed to listen to voice commands and respond with answers. However, you may not want your Google Home or Nest to be listening all the time. That’s where the mute switch comes in.  How-To Geek

Could future Chromebooks with native Android and Linux apps run on Google’s Fuchsia OS? Since 2016 when it first appeared, Google’s Fuchsia effort has been shrouded in mystery. I f you’re not familiar with Fuchsia, Google describes it as a “new open-source operating system” that can be scaled to run on small microcontrollers all the way up to traditional computing devices. Unlike Chrome OS, which runs on a Linux kernel, Fuchsia. About Chromebooks

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