BEWARE of NEW Email Scam that uses the Postal Service Name and Logo …

I am in constant training mode with people in teaching them “how to spot a scam”… This morning, one of my students (my Mother) received an email that appeared to be from the United States Postal Service” stating that she had a package that could not be delivered and that they (USPS) needed additional information. Ironically, my Mother was expecting a package. My Mother, after my constant pressure to keep her alert to scams (phone, internet and email), contacted me due to her skepticism about the legitimacy of this email.

What I found after looking at the content of the email (see below) was that this email was not from the USPS and is a SCAM. The “clue” was in the sender’s email address. After doing some research; the scam in this case, works this way (see below), after you click on “Reschedule Delivery”:

The scammers send an official-looking email complete with US Postal Service logos that say you have a package that can’t be delivered because of an insufficient address. Next they ask for a small amount of money to “re-deliver” your package. Then they’ll ask for credit card information – after that has been entered, a screen will pop up, asking for your date of birth and social security number to “verify and protect” your identity.

Source: Postal Times – Beware of New Scam Using USPS Name, Citing Delivery “On Hold”

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