Increase your productivity and learn how to “Cut, Copy and Paste”…

To this day, after over 30 years in computing, people still do not know how to “Cut, Copy and Paste”; and, I have found it to be one of the most difficult things to teach people. I consider it the most important process you can learn in order to master the computer (or smartphone) that will increase your productivity immensely. I encourage you to learn how to “cut or copy and paste”; you will not regret it.

To explain how this works… In simple terms, when you select text, a graphic, or a file in whatever it is you are working in, you can cut or copy that text, graphic, or file from one location to another, by using the paste command. Whatever it is you cut or copy will be saved to the area of the computer (that you do not visually see) called the clipboard. When you go to use the paste command, it will take whatever it was you cut or copied (saved) to the clipboard and allow you to paste (insert) it at another location. When you copy something, it does just that, it makes an exact copy. When you cut something, it removes it from the location you are cutting from.

For example, I could highlight (hold and drag mouse pointer) and select text in a document, right mouse click, select “copy” from the menu; then, go to another document I may be composing, right mouse click and select “paste” (and the text will be copied or pasted at that location). If you select the “cut” command, it would remove the text from the source document location, be copied to the clipboard where you can then paste it into the document you are composing. In file management, “cut or copy and paste” is very useful when moving files from one folder to another. These same steps, as reflected above, apply when using your smartphone or tablet with the exception you hold (or press), then drag the handles to select the text you desire to cut or copy.

Typically, in Windows, “cut or copy and paste” can be used from the “right mouse click menu” after you select the text, graphic, or file you desire to use; AND, on an Android phone a menu will pop up where you can select the various options.

You can also can use the keyboard commands: Ctrl+X (cut); Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste)…

As I mentioned, difficult to grasp, but learn how to do this and it will change how you use your computer forever and you will soon see it is actually very easy to master. If anything, learn how to “copy” and “paste” first until you get a good understanding of how this works; then, go to “cut” and “paste’. As an added note, “cut or copy and paste” are used on other operating platforms too, like your Android smartphone…

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