Sling TV- If you’re ready to lower your $100 a month cable or satellite TV bill, Sling TV is arguably the best option to stream live TV on a budget —

I am in process of comparing Sling TV vs. YouTube TV… After using YouTube TV for 2 months I found the service to be very reliable, with lots of channels, sports, etc… What I am discovering is that I do not watch TV to the point that I need all those channels. In my household, TLC, History, Discovery, TBS, etc… are our mainstay channels. As a result, I am trying out Sling TV Blue that gives me the channels we typically watch for $30 less than YouTube TV. One thing I am already liking about Sling TV is that when I am on my Chromebook or Windows desktop computer I can watch TV in “picture-in-picture”; whereas YouTube TV I could not. Will be interesting where I land with all of this. Who knows, I may be back to YouTube TV; however, with Sling TV and I can save anywhere from $40-$60 a month depending on what internet speed I go with.

To give you insight about Sling TV, I encourage you to read the article at “” – 5 Things to Know Before You Sign Up for Sling TV…

Sling TV display on Roku (Image: Sling TV)

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