Here is how Facebook accounts are being hacked and compromised? Here is what a “FAKE Facebook Login Page” looks like…

If you look at the login Facebook page below, it looks very legit (click on the screenshot below), but it is a FAKE. How can you tell it is FAKE? Look at the web address; it is obviously not Facebook. If you receive this and actually enter your login information, the criminal behind this scam captures your login information which then allows the criminal to fully access your account. Many folks are receiving in “Facebook Messenger” a message from what appears to be a legit friend that will bait you in. In this case, the legit friend sent what appears to be a “YouTube Video” titled, “look what I found” (see screenshot below) and when you click or go to the video, the FAKE Facebook login screen (that you see below) will appear. Looks real, doesn’t it? Please continue to read…

My advice to my readers and friends. Do not click on any links in Facebook Messenger, unless you are absolutely, positively sure the sender is sending you something safe. Most of the time, these types of scams in messenger just show up out of the blue and are designed to bait you into clicking something that is contained in the message, such as a web link, graphic, or video (see screenshot below). As a matter fact, if in doubt, contact that person by other means (i.e. email, phone, etc…).

Secondly, alert the person that sent the messenger link that their account may have been compromised and that they need to change their password ASAP. They may not be able to access their account and the criminal may have already taken over the account. Also, to protect yourself in the future, Facebook has 2-factor authentication (go into security settings) where you can add a second layer of protection to your account, even if a criminal gets your login information.

As an added measure, in Google Chrome, left of where the FAKE Facebook web address begins there is a small “i” (information icon). If you click on that you can get information on the web address. If you notice in the screenshot below, the site is not secure, and “you should not enter any sensitive information on this site…”.

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