A “killer app” file manager for your Android phone…

Being a tech guy, having a good file manager (or file explorer) is a must. On our Android phones, the baked-in file managers they ship with the phones are rudimentary and in my opinion horrible. Then there are the third-party file managers that are a great step above, but what I have found is that many of these file managers (some good and some not so good) have become bloated to the point that they can leave a pretty big footprint on your device (and are not easy to navigate). So, I went on the hunt again in the Google Play Store and came across a file manager called “Cx File Explorer”. I almost overlooked it and I am glad I did not.

Cx File Explorer

First off, this app is “ad-free”. Secondly, it just works and when I say that I mean it is quick; has an easy-to-use interface; and, what sold it with me is that it seamlessly connected to Google Drive, One Drive, Box and Dropbox and my LAN in my house. The connection to my LAN in my house was what sold me and how easy it was. The app easily found my main computer and then asked for my login credentials. Also, Cx File Explorer is very easy to navigate and provides you with the seamless ability to perform file management tasks such as moving files around from one point to another. For example, I was able to easily move files from my device and copy them to my Google Drive.

My next step with Cx File Explorer is to see if it is compatible with my Chromebook. In the end, this file manager app is a “killer app”; meaning, it will seamlessly get the job done and will make file management an easy to do task on your Android devices.

Source: Google Play Store – Cx File Explorer

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