Did you know that there is are two very basic forms of Facebook you can use on your computer and smartphone?

Facebook has a high-end interface that you typically see on your desktop computer (at facebook.com) and in the Facebook app that you use on your phones. Both of these interfaces, whether on the computer, smartphone or tablet, can consume a lot of memory. What most folks don’t know is that there are other ways of loading Facebook in your web browser that uses a less intensive user interface (and less memory) that is geared toward loading facebook on a mobile phone. For example, let’s say your Facebook app is not working on your phone. You can go to your web browser on your phone (note: this will work in the web browser on your computer and tablet as well) and try (type) the following web addresses into the browser:


Both of these web browser interfaces for Facebook are the mobile versions. The first one will load a fairly attractive interface; whereas, the second one will be very basic (but, gets the job done). If you use these on a computer (which I do and have), I typically load them as web apps where I compress down the window size and keep it running in the background. This is one of the ways I keep an eye on my Facebook feed without it consuming memory on my computer.

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