Visit “Chrome Unboxed” to learn how to install the Linux file manager called “Nemo” on your Chromebook …

The one thing lacking or is unpolished on a Chromebook is the file manager. This matters to those folks who are techie in their nature and are into file management. I am one of those people. Fortunately, most newer Chromebooks allow you to install Linux (or activate it) on your Chromebook. Once activated; another world is opened. As a result, I started looking around at file managers that run on the Linux platform that would play along with my Chrome OS file structure. What I found, at “Chrome Unboxed” was a review on “Nemo”, a Linux based file manager (that features dual panes, tabs, etc…). After installing Nemo (which took about 4 to 5 minutes) and jumping through a few hoops I feel pretty good about Nemo in that I can now “reliably” access and manage all the files on my Chromebook, in addition to the file shares that I have on the network in my home.

If you are interested in giving “Nemo” a try, follow the source links below…

A big “THANK YOU” to Gabriel Brangers for posting the article:

Nemo: Rock Linux on your Chromebook with this handy file manager“.

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