Using Google Drive To Create A Powerful (and Free) Note-Taking Application

There are many note-taking options out there (like Evernote, OneNote, Simplenote, Bear, Nimbus, Zoho, etc…). I have tried them all and they are all great in their own way; but where they fail (in my opinion) is when you want to move your notes to another platform or when you want to backup your notes. You end up being pretty much locked into whatever note-taking app you go with. I have even tried using a Gmail account to make my own exclusive note-taking app, but where it failed was in its’ lack of option to perform a clean backup of my notes (even though it worked great).

After some thinking on all of this, I then thought, “Why not use Google Drive to create my own note-taking application?”.

Think about it; Google Drive already has a built-in ecosystem that works from a powerful suite of cloud-based applications that work hand-in-hand with each other (like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Draw, Keep, etc…). Also, your notes can be easily backed up; your notes can be accessed from your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc…; your notes can be read, if need be, by other office suites (like Microsoft Office); you can share notes and collaborate with others; you can add notes by using browser extensions or other third party android apps that work nicely with Google Drive; and, the best part is that Google Drive is FREE.

After doing some upfront work to set up my notebook’s organizational structure in Google Drive, and experimenting with this idea for some time now; I can tell you it is the best note-taking option I have tried to this point. I also use Google Keep for quick note-taking (on my smartphone and computer) and then simply use the built in feature to save the note (if important enough) to my Google Drive notes. The best part is that I feel I created something that meets my own expectations and allows me to do some things that only the paid versions of some of the popular note-taking applications would allow.

So, how do you set this all up? It is actually pretty easy and what I did after I created the organizational structure for my own Google Drive Notebook, I did some research on this and found an article by PCWorld that was (believe it or not) written back in 2015 that outlines the “How (and why) to use Google Drive as a powerful note-taking tool”. Even though this article is dated, the concept still applies and is exactly what I did to create and customize my own “Google Drive Notebook”. 

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