Three App Launchers for those Microsoft Edge Web Apps that you create…

Microsoft Edge provides the capability to create web apps by going to the menu (three dots at top right of the browser) and selecting “Apps” on the menu. From there you can create (install) new web apps from a site you are currently on or you can select to manage the apps you already have created. Once an app is created it can be pinned to the Windows taskbar or Windows Start Menu. The only issue I have with that is you then have do some navigation around to get to the app(s) that you created.

A solution I have found is this…

Since we are allowed to install Google Chrome browser extensions from the Google Chrome Store on Microsoft Edge, simply look for any the launchers I have listed below. Once you create web apps in Microsoft edge, the web apps will show up in any of these launchers. The launchers I have reflected below are launchers that were used when Google Chrome supported web apps in the Chrome Store. The Chrome Store no longer supports Google web apps, but these launchers will recognize the apps you create in Microsoft Edge. What this does is that it makes it more convenient to launch your Microsoft Edge web apps directly from within the Microsoft Edge browser.

Listed below are (3)-three launchers that I have tested that work great in Microsoft Edge. The first on the list is my favorite due it has a link that takes you directly to the Chrome Store in the event you ever need to install additional browser extensions, plus it had the larger launch panel. The rest I have listed you can check out in the Chrome Store.

Chrome Web Store Launcher (by Google)

Simple Apps Launcher

Button: Apps

Again, the purpose of the browser extensions I have listed are to give you quick access to the web apps you create in Microsoft Edge. The web apps you see in the screenshot above are apps that I launch on a regular basis and keep on the screen at all times.

I hope you have found this information useful. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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