How to Install Softmaker FreeOffice 2018 on your Chromebook

If you own a Chromebook that is Linux compatible (and have the Linux OS turned “on”), you may want to install the FREE (2018) version of Softmaker FreeOffice. Softmaker FreeOffice is very compatible with Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel. For home-based computer use, you cannot beat the price = $0 … What I like about FreeOffice is the simplicity and the fact that you can install it on your Chromebook (and on Windows and Android devices).

Downloading and installing FreeOffice, on my Chromebook, consisted of the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have Linux set up on your Chromebook (Here’s How)… Once you are sure Linux is installed, move to step #2.
  2. CLICK HERE from your Chromebook to get to the FreeOffice Download page.
  3. Once on the page, click on “Linux”; then under the “For 64-bit Linux systems”, select “deb package for DEB-based systems” to download the file to a folder on your Chromebook (Note: Don’t forget which folder you downloaded the file to).
  4. Once downloaded, go into the folder, locate the file, double mouse click on the file and select install.
  5. Following the installation go into the Chromebook’s application launcher and you can launch the FreeOffice applications (TextMaker, Presentations, and PlanMaker).

I hope the steps outlined encourages you to take advantage of the Linux OS option on your Chromebook; plus, I think you will find that FreeOffice 2018 (FREE version) is all you will ever need for your office suite computing needs at home.

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6 thoughts on “How to Install Softmaker FreeOffice 2018 on your Chromebook

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  1. It’s funny how there seems to be a resurgence of new office competitors in the market or even a resurgence of ones that have been quiet / dormant for years. Especially with free versions of Cloud Offices from Microsoft, Google and Apple. Even Office 365 seems dirt cheap for home users. Feels like the old software industry again.

    Did you install this on your CloudReady machine or a proper Chromebook?

    Did I mention CR supports Flatpak apps without having to turn on linux beta

    The flatpak Firefox is pretty good.

    There’s 3 flatpak office suites too


    1. James,

      I installed it on the Chromebook and now that you have asked; I will see if I can actually install Linux apps on the CloudReady machine. According to documentation I read on CloudReady, it shouldn’t even be running on the old laptop I have (but it is). My Wife has taken it over… LOL

      I need to check out “Flatpak apps”. I am not familiar with that at all.

      Also, FreeOffice 2018 looks pretty good. They just bumped up their commercial version.



      1. Flatpak is an app store that can be installed via any Linux Distro, but CR has it built in without any setup needed. Just Download what app you want by clicking install, right click downloaded file, go open with and then install. Been using the Firefox flatpak for a while and it updates in background with new versions.

        Well guess Wife deserves something good for putting up with you, lol, sorry couldn’t resist.


      1. that’s instructions for Chrome OS on proper chromebooks ie via Linux beta. On Cloudready no setup is needed i’e don’t need to turn Linux beta on as it built in natively to Cloudready. just download app want, right click > open with > install.


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