The shakedown on Walmart’s cheapest laptop—the EVOO EV-C-116-5

The specs on Walmart’s cheapest laptop—the EVOO EV-C-116-5—makes it clear to any technical enthusiast that the device is not exactly going to be a powerhouse. But the little laptop only costs $139, and its stats appear to stack up well with $200-$250 Chromebooks.

The cheerful purple chassis is by far the best thing about Walmart's cheapest laptop.

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4 thoughts on “The shakedown on Walmart’s cheapest laptop—the EVOO EV-C-116-5

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  1. I bought the Celeron Dual-Core version of this laptop a while back. It has 4GB of RAM – caught it on sale from Walmart at $69. I turned 10S mode off and use Bleachbit to keep things clean and lean. I have frankly been surprised at how well it has done. The Win10 2004 update is installing as we speak.


  2. The Win 10 2004 update loaded and ran successfully, but left little working space. I imaged the Win 10 install in case I need to go back and installed Linux Mint 20 XFCE this morning. So far so good. I much prefer this little laptop to a tablet.


    1. Carmichaels,

      When you first described your experience of what you was doing with this laptop, I started thinking “working space” (will Carmichael eventually run into a space issue). I had a similar experience with a Win 10 mini computer and I did run out of space. I like what you are doing with this now with the Linux Mint install. Great thinking on your part and I bet it is a very usable PC at this point. Thanks for sharing your experience with this. These cheapie computers sometimes can bear out to be very useful.



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