[Video] How to create a bookmark shortcut to go directly to a desired Gmail account instead of having to rely on the account switcher…

In summary:

Step 1: Identify the account the Gmail account that you wish to bookmark.

Step 2: Use the following template to create the URL:


Replace mail@gmail.com with your Gmail email address.

Step 3: Create a new bookmark using this URL.

Source: 9TO5Google – How-To: Create desktop bookmarks directly to specific Gmail accounts [Video]

6 thoughts on “[Video] How to create a bookmark shortcut to go directly to a desired Gmail account instead of having to rely on the account switcher…

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  1. One of the tech Website I have read for the longest is howtogeek and because of it’s age is largely PC based. I now look at it daily and don’t find much of interest. I find there is very little of interest going on in the old PC / Windows / PC Mag world, it’s stale. It’s sites about google and little tips like the above that make thing interesting these days, thanks.


    1. James,

      That is valuable info to me and aligns with my thinking.

      This particular tip with Gmail is something I have explored before and is of great benefit to me. I have a second Gmail account set up as a “notebook” only and being able directly get to my Gmail “Notebook” is of great help.

      Thanks for commenting…



      1. Saying that – however I do miss the old days. Where you could buy a book say on Dos 6.22 and in that book would be pretty much everything you’d need to know. When there was excitement about the next generation of processors etc Where tech felt like your own world you could control. All this gmail / phone / social media stuff just feels like work / hassle lol. Probably just me getting old.


      2. Same here James… I am 62 years old and developed a passion for tech in the mid 80’s. Self taught, helped build and manage a network at a State complex for years, and have always flown by the seat of my pants. You are right, early on was a world where you had manageability over things; but, as time has progressed there is so much to absorb. “Google” is now my 2nd brain, as a result. My first brain (in my head), is like an old DOS based computer that keeps chugging along, but is dimming (LOL).



  2. Rick, and visitors – take a look at Rambox. The Community edition is free. https://rambox.pro/#ce I can best describe it as an installable progressive web app (PWA). It’s based on Chromium code, i believe. I use it on Windows and Linux to “wrangle” my personal communication via multiple GMail accounts, an Outlook Mail account, Google Voice and Facebook Messenger. It is a little resource-intensive but I prefer it as opposed to keeping all of those browser tabs open. I like that it’s cross-platform and more versatile than an old-school email client. Details/download: https://github.com/ramboxapp/community-edition/blob/master/README.md


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