Windows 10 already has built-in security protections. Do you need to install or buy any other security software?

I would love to hear from other readers and visitors on this. Here at “Tech News for You”, I (Rick) have good confidence in the security software that Windows 10 provides (called Windows Security); however, at one time (years ago), I would have advised against it. Back then, I would have told you go to with one of the FREE commercial options such as AVG, Avast, Bitdefender and the likes; OR, buy one of the commercial security suites. I will tell you, I have been doing computers since the late 80’s and I have never purchased security or antivirus software (and never will).

If you want to see what the Windows Security dashboard looks like, it is accessible via the Start menu or the “shield” icon in the system tray. The dashboard consists of seven sections: Virus & threat protection, Account protection, Firewall & network protection, App & browser control, Device security, Device performance & health, and Family options.

You can however, supplement Windows Defender with a FREE version of Malwarebytes (just make sure you perform a scan on a regular basis) if you really want to be safe.

Here’s why I say “yes” to Windows Security:

  • It has improved and expanded dramatically over the years to be a full fledged security suite…
  • It is FREE with Windows 10… No worry about a subscription running out and no worry about making sure things are up-to-date. Many folks I have assisted or advised over the years will let their security software subscription run out (for months on end); thus, no updates, no complete protection.
  • It is easy on the system resources and memory… Commercial security software has a tendency to be overly aggressive and as a result it can actually slow down your computer.
  • Most people are more educated now, compared to the past, about online safety and security.

If I have you convinced and you decide to uninstall your paid security software when it expires, just make sure you visit the developer’s site to get the uninstall instructions. Many times, the Windows uninstaller will not completely remove software; thus, leading to potential computer problems. I shouldn’t say this, but I have found that many of these products can cause more problems than they are worth (sometimes worse than any virus).

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7 thoughts on “Windows 10 already has built-in security protections. Do you need to install or buy any other security software?

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  1. I agree that Win 10 has just about caught up with the level of security in IOS, Android, Mac OS, Linux etc.

    Also agree that a lot of Free AV is just as good as payed for.

    Users are more knowledgeable than in the past.

    If the user stays most of the time in Chrome, Firefox or Edge i.e a modern browser they are pretty safe anyway.

    Phishing is probably the biggest problem these days and none of the AV companies seem to be able to deal with that anyway. If a user gives away info there’s nothing that can ever protect against that.

    The AV companies have largely failed to deal with ransomware and hence there’s little use to most AV programs anyway.

    It’s more important to stay patched to the latest Win updates than latest AV signatures, even though Win update is a pain at times.

    If the user doesn’t need specialised software then their best line of defence is to stick to IOS or Chrome OS i.e a really heavily locked down OS. People will say Linux but that’s obscurity more than anything, though I agree it is easier to use than in the past.

    Use 2FA, Strong passwords, a locked down OS and trust no one.

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      1. That would be cool. Having wrote all the above I still use pay for Anti Virus on my machines. It’s so cheap like £30 a year for 5 PCs that it doesn’t matter so much that’s it’s not that effective. It’s kind of like a lot of the home security things you do that don’t really add any security but your insurance firm will use it as an excuse not to pay up. AV is one of the few Tech areas where there seems to be a competitive market and hence really reasonable prices, honesty I think they must pay their programmers in bowls of rice or something. The problem is the hackers out compete them and also that Windows security historically was so amazingly poor.

        I use BitDefender and Malwarebytes because they regularly come top of most tests.

        I really hate having to use Windows still and do as much a possible to stay away. I just installed the May update on my laptop and now it doesn’t want to remember Desktop icon positioning. It also sometimes goes into space on the CPU for no reason and still hasn’t delivered the chromium edge. It’s a mid range Dell Laptop so there just shouldn’t be such issues, it should just work, like a Chromebook does. Windows 10 is a vast improvement in many ways, but that’s because the standard was so low to begin with.

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  2. ConfigureDefender forms part of a larger suite of tools, including portable.
    The developer, Andy Ful, is very active. And very responsive on Malwaretips Forum.


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